стойка для болгарки


115-125 Bulgarian Station (Stane for UMM)
115-125 Bulgarian (possible increase to UMM 150mm). Functionality and trust exceeds Chinese samples (the model I tested and produced for over a year). Only metal fittings are used in the construction of the stanes, resulting in high reliability, most extreme conditions. The method of collecting the movable part of the machine completely excludes the lubricant and its formation during operation, and a high degree of accuracy is ensured. The way in which the Bulgarian is attached to the machine is guaranteed to secure any mark of the instrument. Only a rolling stock (without a table and a line) is possible, with a weight of 2 kg. This significantly reduces the cost of the crossing (and, of course, the cost of the machine itself). The main part can be sealed with practically any flat and solid surface.

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