Как выбрать болгарку для дома

Choose A Bulgarian

Насадка для болгарки на 115 мм115 mm landing♪ It's mostly used for a sliphon because it's uncomfortable to cut this little disk.

125 mm landing. The most popular view. Suitable, not heavy, low-cost, but allowing not only to sliphate the surface, but also to cut the intermediate thickness.

150 mm♪ This size is often chosen by people with little 125, but a lot of 180. Sufficient and cutting.

180 mm♪ Bulgarian data can already be used in serious construction. This diameter fits to cut thick pipes or bricks. But for small work, this tool is too loud.

230 mm landing. The bulb used to cut the stoves, pipes, and other construction material, but it is no longer suitable for the shelf because of weight and dimensions.

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