Щетки 6х10х11мм к шлифмашине

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болгаркаOne of the most popular domestic electrolytes is rightly a Bulgarian. At one beautiful moment, the cheeks start to stiff and need to be replaced. The true sign of cheek wear is a violation of the sound of the Bulgarian work. Also, if you look around, the ventilation bars see a snoop spark and smell a nasty smell. When there are first signs of cheek wear, they need to be replaced immediately. With the retraction, you run the risk of killing a collector, which amounts to buying a new anchor for a Bulgarian.

Now, first of all, it is necessary to determine the technical possibility of replacing the cheek.

разборка болгаркиWe have two options:

1. Some of the models on the side of the Bulgarians have two little lids to hold on two rifles. They just need to be twisted and replaced with burnt cheeks.

2. In most models, to replace cheeks, the Bulgarian must be removed. Look at the lumbar photos below. Little Bulgarian And we're reading instructions to replace the cheek.

Look closely at the electrical toolbox and look for the fastening rifles. In our case, the Bulgarian manoeuvre consists of two parts, but there are models where the hand just pulls out of the web. By looking at the handwriting, looking for the location of the cheeks located in the special brushers.

The design of brush-holders may be different, but in either of them the cheek shall be deactivated from the total electrical circuit of the Bulgarian. That's why we're filming the tips and studying the design of the brush-holder. In some cases, the cheek is just getting out. The brush-holder in the jack we've been looking at is dropping off, and then the cheek is inserted.

Not every one of us has the opportunity to find the right size cheeks, but the golf for imagination. If you hadn't found your cheeks, you'd take a rough look like them, the most important thing is that they were a little more.щеткодержатель болгарки With the help of the napkin, we'll put them to the right size, but it's important to take your time so we don't get past it. If the cheeks have different ends, we cut the leash from the old cheek and put it on a new one.

After all these manipulations, we'll collect a Bulgarian in reverse sequence.

Note: If you've already figured out your Bulgarian, you'll sell it to the compressor from the dust, also look at the condition of the anchor collector. A scratch may arise when working with hardened cheeks on the collector, which can be removed by means of a nickel.

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