Инструмент к шлифовальной


Дело в том, что полировочный диск с наличием липучек подходит для обработки всех типов твердых материалов, это могут быть:This attitude of the hammer is normal, and therefore, after the wood treatment has passed, a small skirt on the surface treated must be passed.

The basic rule for working with the Bulgarian is that the use of small thickness circles is not acceptable. It is only on the side that is working and cutting. It is therefore necessary to verify that the skimming circle on the Bulgarian is correctly fixed in order to avoid further problems. It is also important that the use of increased pressure on the cutting circle is also unacceptable.

The heavy load on the heeling machine may result in the circle being easily broken into pieces and these pieces may traumatize human beings.

The movement of the Bulgarian shall be very smooth and smooth and shall not allow the shelf circle to jump on the tree surface.

By complying with all these safety rules and the correctness of the galgarian shaping of the tree, one can achieve the highest success in its work. Also, the likelihood of injury in that case would be reduced to zero.

Switching devices

Шлифовка дерева болгаркойSliphage operations may take a long time, with the incorrect choice of instrument and range of skimmings. Purchasing equipment at a huge cost to the house also makes no sense, as many such operations are often different.

Currently, there are several types of shoes, which are:

  1. The first thing I'm gonna say is using a bulb for a pin. This instrument is sufficiently universal to produce sliphary work at different levels, and the acquisition of special landings is accessible to each owner of his home.
  2. It is possible to conduct a wooden coating process without a Bulgarian. This requires a special manual clamping by which the wood can be treated manually. Such devices are called schliphobic wells. Their types and variations can be quite diverse. In fact, the sliphical well can be produced on its own without spending money on the plant.

Металлическая щетка для болгаркиOn boards

The modern market for construction materials offers each client a truly huge list of goods intended for a type of sliphage, and an indication for the Bulgarian in this respect is not an exception. There is a wide variety of types and types of boarding intended for a particular type of work.


This type of landing is probably the most popular among those who often sliphate any metal products.

Болгарка Лепестковый диск
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