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Bulk Revolution Controller

рабочая схемаEveryone who uses a Bulgarian for a year, she's broken. At first, each master tried to repair a sliphon machine with sparkling sparks on his own, hoping that it would work after the cheeks were replaced. Usually, after such an attempt, a broken instrument stays on a shelf with burnt lipsticks. And a new Bulgarian is buying for a replacement.

Drelies, snoopers, perforators, tarters are necessarily equipped with a speed controller. Some so-called calibres are also provided by the regulator, and ordinary bulbs only have a switch button.

Low-powered Bulgarian manufacturers do not complicate additional schemes intentionally, as such an electrical tool should be cheap. Clearly, the life of a low-cost instrument is always shorter than the more expensive?

The simplest Bulgarian can be upgraded, so she'll stop being damaged by the reeducator and the hamster wires. These problems are mainly caused by the sharp, in other words, impacting of the Bulgarian.

The whole modernization is just a collection of electronic charts and a box. In a separate box, because there's very little room in the handle.

The audited, working pattern is set out below. It was originally intended to regulate the filament, i.e. to work on the active load. Her main dignity?

конструкция конструкция Схема модуля Схема модуля-2
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