Мощность болгарки — 1 Вт

Bulgarian Power

The Bulgarian is a simple tool, so you don't see a large list of characteristics in her tech store. The basic UMM parameters are often encrypted in several numerals and letters. We'll learn how to deal with them.

Diameter of circle

Main characteristic of the car. The outer diameter of the UMM disc depends literally all: power, speed, size and design weight. It is the diameter of the beds that is based on the classification of carbon secular machines. Five classes: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm.

Details of classes

Bags with a disk of 125 and 230 mm are the fastest. It's the UMM 125 and the UMM 230 in the market. The former are light, compact and convenient, the second is dimensional, massive, but very productive (the disc can be loaded to solid depth). In fact, and the bed under these two classes of U.S.M. will find the best.
The other classes have much less demand. Those with a disk of 115 mm are modest in power and sometimes have an equivalent of 125 UM. The class " 150 mm " is the smallest and the 180th machines are generally the modifications of the 230th Bulgarians.

In the photo, the KG2000 Black and Decker Carbon.

700 to 2600 Watt. The UMM power shows how much the instrument produces how well it moves the load. If the engine is weak, cut or sliphage must be carefully cut, without strong pressure, or the engine can be overloaded and overheated. A big hamster can be loaded with a full program. This will make it possible to carry out the task quickly.
Small UMM has a power from 700 to 1,500 W, large from 2,000 to 2,600 W. However, the strongest (in their class) Bulgarians are equipped with a large number of options. Please note that the characteristics indicate the wattts consumed. This capacity will be significantly lower.

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