Устройство якоря болгарки

Bulgarian Electrical Circuit

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In my last article, I told you how to connect and start the engine at 380 Volts in a one-phase power grid 220 V. Now I'll tell you how to connect a single-phase electric motor from a broken washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, etc. It can be successfully used for other purposes in the household, e.g. for transmission, polished, gasoline, etc.

Switching pattern of 220 Volt

Electrical drills, perforators, Bulgarians and some steep machine models use a synchronized reservoir. It is successfully launched and operated in single-phase networks without extra launchers.

колодка подключения двигателяFor... I'd like you to connect the reservoir electric motor.the two ends of No2 and No.3, one moving from the anchor, and the other from the cart. And the remaining 2nd ends will join 220 volts.

Remember when you're connected to the collector. An electric motor without an electronic unit will only operate on maximum turns, and when launched, it will be a strong plug, a large launch flow, a spark on the collector.

Could be a motor and two speeds, then the catererer's gonna be 3 ends from half his wash. The veal speed will be reduced when connected, but the insulation risk increases when the engine starts.

схема подключения коллекторного электродвигателя стиральной машиныIn order to change the direction of rotation, it is necessary to change the engine or anchor switching points.

Single-phase asynchronous electric motor connections

If there'd be only one hammer in single phase motors, then the electromagnetic field would be pulsed rather than rotating. And the launch would only happen after the waisting of the hand. Therefore, an auxiliary wet or launcher shall be added for self-launching asynchronous engines, where the phase with the condenser or induction is 90 degrees advanced. The car wash and the electric motor rotor was pushed at the time of the switch. The main circuits are shown in the drawing.

The first two diagrams are designed to switch the trigger on the engine start, but not more than 3 seconds long. This uses a relay or a trigger button to be pressed and retained until the engine starts.

подключение через реле двигателя стиральной машины схема подключения мотора через конденсатор
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