Продам новые болгарки бош


There's no "protection against arbitrary inclusion" (if you get out of the grid and insert it again, the Bulgarian starts), no protection against the clina.

Turns into the eyes by enriching this great instrument. Cooky geek with the key against the background of the fast-tracks, which are matched by the old bows and competitors, is just stupid.
It's too pathetic to look at her pen, the impression she was thrown in a kit. The quality of the listed flame is markedly lower than the Bulgarian itself.

The defense is primitively tightened by a chatter, and also a six-brainer hanging on the wire. And the turn of this protection is limited to this chatter, which makes it impossible to record in certain positions. Couldn't have put a boshevian backup without tools like senior models had a plug, turned around, fixed, and the extra thing hanging on the wire.

What did this model do for being small?

The doctor was dry. The whole lubricant was on the editor's walls, but not on the pole. Gathered in Russia. And then there was an extraneous noise until I laughed myself, maybe losing my guarantees, I don't know. But if I didn't, I'd have to prove in the guarantee in a few months if I had used it right.

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