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Housewives and cars will need quality and affordable tools to cut and stain metal and stone. These are the corners of the Russian company Energomash. They are similar to that of the German Sturm.

Product characteristics

These tools are designed for convenient and durable work, provided they are used for domestic purposes, not more than 40 minutes per day, with interruptions. They are suitable to uncover metal designs, sliphage the various surfaces and clean them up from paint and rust.

Any Bulgarian Energomash has two handicrafts for a convenient grab, protective jacket, metal handler, fast and secure replacement of the bed.
In the absence of additional complex functions (e.g. floating or maintaining constant turnover under load), the manufacturer has managed to reduce the cost and to simplify the services of the Engromash UMM. At the same time, they are well suited to their functions and can serve a long time, unless, of course, overburden them with intensive modes of operation.

How to choose a suitable instrument

The modelled range of products is wide enough, and the purchase should be determined by the type of work.

  • For the cutting of pipes, profiles and bricks, the drying of old paint, sufficient equipment up to 2 kW, with a disk size up to 125 mm.
  • A bulb of 2 kW is needed for the thick and large harvests, with a disc of 230 mm.
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