Болгарка УШМ Bosch GWS 12-125

Best Bulgarian

Мини-тест для 7 болгарок. Кто круче?Bulgars or charcoal cars (CMM) are a thing for a sleeve man, and their range is very wide and varied.

To show the UMM in the case, as well as to help the reader in choosing the instrument, a mini-test that has been selected for seven different class and level models.

The multi-sex company was targeted, because not everyone in practice knows the difference between 7,000 roubles and 2,000 roubles. Of course, the principle of " price " would be the only " Minus " of expensive U.S.M. and the only " plus " cheap " , but you probably want a detailed comparison. Early warning is that certain limitations in the methodology are: for example, a test to identify the model ' s resource and to resist overloads was not planned.

The test will show the role of certain characteristics of different levels of performance and how they affect the cutting or sliphage process at all.

What are the challenges of our tests?

1. Speed and productivity measurements.

2. Measuring noise, vibration and heating of the rotator shell (on a five-balance scale). In the case of vibration, the models had very poor balance sheets.

3. Measure of the zone. It shows how far the instrument can penetrate a top of 6, 5 cm (for small UMM) and 12 cm (for large UMM).

4. Time of preparation. All supplies are installed on the " goo " : the test shows speed and convenience of adjustment.

Participants should now be represented. In order to reach the full diversity of UMM, the selection of candidates was 115, 125, 180 and 230 mm. Bulgarians, with a 150-mm disk, had to be donated, for this is perhaps the least popular model.

DeWALT D28136.

Professional HMS top level. There are many features that can be classified as a... power. You'll agree, 1,500 watts on a 125-mm Bulgarian. It's no wonder there's a speed adjustment here, because it's easier to overheat. Lower step: 2,800 revolutions per minute, top 10,000. The skin is moved without the key - a homometer is used. The rubber flange reduces the effort when the hyke is removed. Perhaps the key feature is the dust filtering system, which allows for an extension of the engine ' s resource. The handler's narrow-profile, additional manuscript.

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