Болгарка на аккумуляторе

Battery Bulgarian

The charcoal machine (UMM), or the Bulgarian, is an electrical tool designed to sliphage, cut and clean metal, stone and other materials. UMM is used in metal processing and construction. The Bulgarian shell is cylindra with a universal collar engine inside and sometimes equipped with a side handle near the seat of the ambush. Some models also have a angular speed controller (CMM with speed adjustment).

Special discs (for metal cut, brick, concrete, stone, marble, etc.) and cheeks are used as an ambush to this electrical instrument (removal paint and rust from the parts, sliphage and surface polish). U.S.M.'s battery's popular, both domestic and professional.


The Bulgarian (UMM) shall be classified according to the time of use:

  • Domestic models are used on an ad hoc basis or not longer than 30-40 minutes a day.
  • Professional models have a much larger working resource because they are meant to be used for several hours a day. Some features of such cars are emerging: reduced noise, increased dust protection, different types of electronics.
  • Industrial models are a special class, the most persistent to the loads.

In addition, UMMs are subdivided into one-hand and two-way and also differ according to size Circlewhich may be 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm. The most common and popular versions of the Bulgarian are models with 125 and 230 mm.

Larua Merlen stores can buy a carbon sequential car for any purpose, and the price of electrical equipment will be one of the most attractive in the market. High-profile store personnel will help with the choice and answer any question. It's not gonna be hard to buy UMM.

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