Makita аккумуляторные болгарки

Accumulative Bulgarians

Accumulative Bulgarian is designed to sliphate, circumcate and paint parts from different materials: wood, iron, stone, brick, plastic. Its main difference from the normal bulb is the type of food: it does not need to be connected to a fixed power grid, and this significantly increases its ability.

Classification of batteries

Battery type You should choose according to the kind of work you're planning.

  • The sliphoma is necessary for preliminary work: removal of the highest gross layer with plastic, wood, metal, e.g. lacromatic coating, as well as a large-sized black shelf, etc. The main working element is the sliphon ribbon of different grains (this is the name).
  • Straight car (graver) is used to carry out gravitational and rushering works and remove paint or rust from the surface of the parts. This type of battery ear can be explained differently: laps, fres, etc. Fixed in a spindle rotating around the axis and on one line with the device.
  • Mercury Bulgarian (earm) has a special shape: as the name indicates, the spindle is located at an angle to the hull, which is why it is convenient to be used to work in hard-to-reach locations. Most coal cars are needed for metal or stone parts. The workstation is brush or discs - their choice depends on the nature of the work to be done.
  • The Universal Slave is a multifunctional tool that is used to disperse the parts as well as the sliphs, shavages, etc. Accordingly, and the type of workstation is selected on the basis of the planned tasks, namely, blank, sliphon paper, etc.
  • The clicker will be fine to remove the old coat from the detail, clean it from the rust, the ears and the tits. The working element is brush and discs from different materials.

What needs to be taken into account in choosing

  • The type of battery is an important point to focus first. Today there are two types of batteries for such equipment.
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