Стационарный лобзик из ручного

Stationary Electric Shock

Самодельный стационарный электролобзикAn improvised stationary lobster for a figure drink from an old electrical lobster.

Hello, esteemed self-defendants, I'm putting out another self-defense, which is a copy of what I saw, in principle, that you are all capable of repeating everything that you see on this website is the main hand. There's a lot of interesting ideas on this website. Well, I don't have a picture again, like I did, but it's in principle, and it's all there, and I've been doing one picture of black white without drawings sitting in the garage.

These are detailed photos of which I think I can see. Half of them sell in any way, I think hoz. magic is full of a Soviet hand lobster to drink from the plywood, but I'm the only one who's got their butterflies at the end of the fixation.

Самодельный стационарный электролобзик Самодельный стационарный электролобзик
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