Электролобзик Фиолент ПМЗ-600Э

Pyolent Electric Shocks

Lobzik was always one of the best tools of masters. And that's understandable, because what other instrument can you cut the curvatures? Just a lobster.

Now, lobster opportunities have multiplied, with a worthy " drip " , a pubic of electricity. If the usual lobster could have cut only thin wooden cheeks or plywood before, the electrolysis would be able to work with practically any construction material: wood, ceramic plug, laminate, hypersocarton and even metal sheets. The Pyolent electro-oxidation, worthy of this type, is highly productive, low energy use, small weight.

Phyolent TM electrolysis:

♪ The large number of minor repairs to the rubber of materials can be performed without the use of any powerful drinks;

∙ The Electro-Bossik TM of the " Filter " , can be performed with a qualitative curvature;

♪ The Electro-Obsik TM, the Phylent, can cut various types of materials;

♪ Electro-Obsik TM " Philent " is The best. A tool for cutting wood;

• Professionals note the universality of the TM " Philent " electricity

Various models of TM electrolyses are equipped with different additional functions that are created to do more quickly and qualitatively. The TM-Fiolint Electrolysis is designed to meet the basic requirements and trends of world markets.


As in other instruments, lobster power depended on it, i.e. the possibility of melting different materials.

The electrical lobsters of the Ti-Fiolint have a power from 600 to 750 Wattt. For domestic needs, you'll be able to use a 600-650 Watt electric shock.

Lobsters with a capacity of 720 and 750 Watts with more " power " , they have a small weight and dimensions, but they can feed more solid materials than household. The electric shocks of the Magster Phylonent series will be excellent for a long robot under difficult operating conditions.

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