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ПИЛКА ПИЛЬНОЕ ПОЛОТНО ЭЛЕКТРОЛОБЗИКА ЛОБЗИК БОШ МАКИТА ХИТАЧИ МЕТАБО СКИЛ БЛЭК ЭНД ДЭККЕР BOSCH MAKITA HITACHI METABO SKIL BLACK&DECKER- The universal electrical tool, WWWW page, has been talking about it a lot. He can work on wood, metal (and composites), plastic, and even ceramic plate. With this diversity of materials, 50 per cent of successful work is well selected.

The most important parameter for the steel mark it is made of. Depending on the appointment, there are PILCI (PULPON) in the
HCS, HSS, BIMETALLICCOM (BIM) and HM performance.

HCS is high-carbon steel for soft material such as wood, wood plates, plastics and artificial materials. HCS-PYLCA is flexible enough, and when working with extensive harvests, it doesn't face any damage.

HSS is the high-produced fast-moving steel for use in high-density materials such as metals, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. Compared to HCS, the metal thickness of HSS is much smaller and the density is significantly higher.

BIM is a highly elastic, inseparable compound from HSS and HCS, and is designed to pave for high professional requests. The PILC of this type is used where there is a risk of breaking the base or where there is a need for particularly elastic, rotten PILL POLOTAN. BIMETALLIC PILC is much higher than HSS or HCS.
In the case of BIMETALLIC solution, the price-performance ratio is excellent. BIM- operational range is wood, metal, non-ferrous metal, aluminium. Depending on the width of the PULL POLOTAN, BIM may be appropriate to develop difficult, narrow cuts in the rubber lines as well as to meet universal targets at medium load or for rapid, totally clean cuts on straight lines.

HM is solid alloy. This type of PYLOC (PULIL POLOTEN) is used for specific works - glass plate melting, gasoline and even ceramic stove.

The quality steel of PILCI (PULIL POLOTAN) does not yet guarantee that it will be able to cope easily. Not only the material of manufacture but also the form plays an important role.
∙ DISCUSSION. First of all, the details of which size will be dissolved should be determined. It's undeniable that we're drinking a 50-X50m brushe or a furniture shield better than different PYLKAMI. For wood, for example, the dimensions of the working part of the PILC range from 51 to 126 mm.ПИЛКА ПИЛЬНОЕ ПОЛОТНО ЗУБЬЯ РЕМОНТ В СПБ ЭЛЕКТРОЛОБЗИКА ЛОБЗИК БОШ МАКИТА ХИТАЧИ МЕТАБО СКИЛ БЛЭК ЭНД ДЭККЕР BOSCH MAKITA HITACHI METABO SKIL BLACK&DECKER Short PILQ (51mm) are intended for the melting of the sheet metal and long PILCs (106mm) are used to cut the pipes.
• REAL TRIP. The geometry of the rubber is also an important criterion of choice. The straight plug plug has a great direction, but it is unlikely that a small radius will be able to drink, such a FILCI has a wide back, which is why it's so good at keeping the line. For this purpose, a special thin PILCA will be suitable for the figure cutting. This PIL PYCON has a back even narrower than a tail. But to be able to do a direct drink, you should be very careful.
♪ Reza. The criterion of " PRIMOLINE / CRIVOLINE REZ " in the selection of PILCI is one of two fundamental issues. The second is the speed of the tube, which contrasts the purity of the part edge. By disbanding the boards, the speed of the massacre is certainly important. But when it comes to, for example, the manufacture of furniture, the quality of the saw plays a decisive role.
• ZUBA FORMA. The quality of the saw depends directly on the geometry of the tooth. The more the ZUBA SHAG (the distance between the neighbouring peaks), the faster and the more rude it will be.
ПИЛКА ПИЛЬНОЕ ПОЛОТНО ЗУБЬЯ РЕМОНТ В СПБ ЭЛЕКТРОЛОБЗИКА ЛОБЗИК БОШ МАКИТА ХИТАЧИ МЕТАБО СКИЛ БЛЭК ЭНД ДЭККЕР BOSCH MAKITA HITACHI METABO SKIL BLACK&DECKER Actual and dental form: for example, PILOC BOSCH has frosted or slurped. The former have a rectangular section and are intended for
Basically for metal work, second fixed and therefore more efficient when dealing with wood.
∙ DRINKING To give a bigger story, her teeth are being developed. In that case, it was drinking faster, but it was less careful than the FICI stubborn.
Filthy teeth can be not only divorced, but also built with a distinct wave. That was the name of the volunteer. PILCA's been drinking more exactly like a divorce.
POLICY PROGRESSOR. The removable size of the tooth, with an increase from the tailor to the end, makes the PILC more universal. The thicker the melted material, the greater the number of large teeth is included in the work. It is even more valuable if it is BIMETALLIC (BIM).
I don't know. (for AEG, BOSCH, ELU, FESTO, HITACHI, HOLZ-HER, MAKITA, METABO, multifunctional BOSCH and other manufacturers).


1/4' UNIVERSAL ACCIDENT (for BLACKDECKER, SKIL, DEWALT and other manufacturers).



Rear leaflets with a relatively clean edge, fast cutting along a soft and hard tree, aluminium, plastic and non-ferrous metal.

Rear leaflets with sharp edges in straight plywood, soft steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metal and plastic.

Rapid clean wood and plastic.

It's full of a conned rear. Used for free rubber, precise clean wood and plastic.

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