Устройство электролобзика

Electrobsik With His Hands

Лобзик настольныйThis project was made in such a way as to use the material that is always at hand or not expensive to purchase. Used a thick ply to make carcasses and a table of staples, made metal stickers.

This project used an old electrolobetic, and it broke the holder for the saw and the button regulator. The button regulator was extracted and wired to further connect.

The new holder was made of a steel square bracket.Лобзик настольный It was made of a square stitch and fixed on a rolling stock on one axle. For a convenient and rapid change of the pit, the hycuum barracks were used.

Some of the sending skis were removed so that the gike barracks could move freely.

The base for our forward lobster was a fat fan or a piece of CPD.Лобзик настольный The working table should be sent and shaped as shown in the photo. Dimensions shall be such as to be conveniently dipped but not less than: 150 mm by 250 mm.

On the lower side of our machine, it is necessary to make legs of 190 mm high so that the electrolysis can be attached. They need to be adjustable to level the machines in a horizontal plane.
Sleeves must be made to retract the pit. It's made out of solid wood, like a oak.Лобзик настольный In order to secure the lobster beer on the tox screen, we're pulling the holder, and as shown in the photo, it's on the sleeve. For the rapid installation of the saw, the holder shall be equipped with a high-profile barrel and a bracketed shell. There's a quadruple deepening on the holder, so it won't let the square stitch be welded.
The machine was equipped with a speed regulator. It's locked up under the table so it's convenient to build speed and the opils didn't smash the regulator.
Then we need to find a spring for the sleeve. The spring plays a major role because it doesn't give half a saw, which facilitates the drinking of large cooks without errors in the arc.
Лобзик настольный Лобзик настольный Лобзик настольный Лобзик настольный
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