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Electrical Desk

Столик для ручного электролобзика (Neutechnik)When it comes to the drinking of small parts, a manual electrolysis may be very uncomfortable in the work: first, a small detail may not be detected, and secondly, a wide-ranging bottle severely restricts the curvature of the saw. However, these restrictions are circumscribed by uncomplicated devices with which manual electrolysis is transformed into pubic machines.

The simplest option is to make a cave for a pie in a sheet, like plywood, and oblige a lobster. For the rifles, it may be necessary to drill holes not only in the ply, but also in the basement of the lobster.Лобзиковый станок из ручного электролобзика The thread in the plywood is easy to do, drilling very close to each other a lot of openings and then the same cricket slurped the inferiority. The assembled design is mounted on the edge of the table with scrubcins. Anyway, there's gonna be a leaf of how to tie a lobster to a leaf and a lot of design to the table. This should result in something like this (without a red coat holder):

Manual Electrical Lobby (Neutechnik)

Such a luxury machine still has a standard manual electrolybecile that severely restricts the curvature. The following options have the possibility of putting a thin fork.

Unlike a broad-based pill, the pusher must be pulled. If the previous design is to be refined, a crust, one end of which holds a pin and another retractor, may be attached to tighten the thin coat.

Hand-held electrical lobster

Лобзиковый станок из ручного электролобзика In order to put a thin pin on the frontal lobster, it's gonna have to be wrinkled by the brush of the standard beer where it doesn't interfere with the lobby. And don't forget to turn off the pendulum move if it is.

The next option is actually a classic lobster. The thin pile is secured between the upper and lower coronas. The manual electrolysis transmits the motion to the lower coroner.

Lobby tension system (photo other machine)

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