Электролобзик Hitachi

Electric Shock Hitachi

The Hitachi electrolysis is simply irreplaceable, as it is a universal instrument. It's worth saying he has a lot of dignity.

First, Hitachi ' s electrical lobster allows for direct cuts to be made from virtually any material (from wood, stone, steel, and some cut even the ceramic plate).

Secondly, he has the possibility of changing the cutting sheet very quickly and conveniently.

Thirdly, the electrolysis may cut the circles of parts made of different material and perform rectangular cuts. Like any other electrical tool, it's a domestic and professional type. It is worth noting that, according to the quality of the Hitachi household lobbies, there is nothing to do with their professional analogs, although the latter naturally have a large set of functions and a higher power. Domestic, like their more “serious gatherings”, can be drinking both wood and metal and a lot of other stuff. The only difference is the thickness they can drink. When electrolysis is selected, the first thing that should be turned to the speed of the saw. For example, at a frequency of less than 1,000 per minute, plastic spraying should be forgotten.

Technical characteristics of lobsters

  • Maximum thickness of the saw for various materials (measured in mm);
  • Frequency (op/min);
  • Finger stroke (mm);
  • weight (kg);
  • power consumption (W)
  • The presence or absence of a pendulum stroke.

Depending on the latter, all Hitachi electrolyses are divided into two classes

In addition, electrolysis is used to divide the types according to the method of attaching the saw.

The following types differ

  • with smooth tails
  • Crust tails
  • with tailings with opening

Hitachi ' s electrical lobbies, like any other Japanese electrical equipment, are a high-quality and very effective tool. Whatever you choose the instrument model, in any case you will receive a reliable, convenient and quality electronic tool that is convenient both in the home and in construction.

We're offering Hitachi electrologs all over Russia: Moscow, St Petersburg, Catherineburg, Chelabinsk, Lower Novgorod and many other cities with delivery and guarantee, call! Find out the details of the conditions and cost of delivery, you can be with our managers.

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