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Choose Electrolobsik

Бытовой электролобзик Makita JV0600KElectricity, thanks to convenience and universality, has become an indispensable tool for household masters. It disperses various materials: plyers, CPs, wood, laminate, ceramic plates, glass, metal, foam, etc. The complexity of the work also varies within a broad framework, from the simplest longitudinal spray to the hardest pieces. According to the specialists, electrolysis can replace a whole crow of instruments: a knife, a disc saw, a Bulgarian, a tarter. However, in order to get a genuinely needed and reliable assistant, it should be understood how to choose an electric lobster right. Let us draw attention to the most important, relevant features of this instrument.

How to choose a lobster, they tell the company ' s Electronic Instructors:

Профессиональный электролобзик Электромаш плэ-1000 ВтSo what's to look at if you've decided to buy this aggregate? Let's go on the list.

The power of the electrolysis depends on its ability to dissolve materials of different density and thickness. By choosing a small instrument, problems can be encountered: eating beer, engine combustion, etc. Depending on power, electrolysis is divided into domestic and professional.

For domestic use, it is sufficient to acquire a quality household model of 200-700 W. The team ' s tools are simple, light " up " and have the most necessary functions.Маятниковый ход в электролобзике Their power enables the pit to cut the steel with a thickness of 2-4 mm and a tree to 70 mm.

Professional lobsters are more serious equipment with a capacity of 700-1000 W. Its weight and dimensions tend to be greater than domestic models. A professional tool has long been able to work in the nun-stop mode, cutting fat sheets of dense materials. For example, steel thickness up to 10-12 mm, aluminium up to 20 mm, tree up to 80-135 mm.

The electrolybsik drinks the cutting through the steady movement of the pills up and down. Their number per unit of time is known as frequency. This indicator affects the rate of spraying. In addition, different materials require a certain speed.

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