Выбор электролобзика

Choice Of Electrolysis

There's no radius in it.

It's necessary for a quick black box of large quantities of lumber. Let's just say you need to cut a car cubicle in one size. One serves, another drink. On my frontal lobster, I used this function once when I stitched the veranda. Then I turned it off, it's rude, it's a lot of sutures. You can be comfortable drinking without a pendulum. I have also read the forums of the City of Masters, there's a lot of people who work with a tool of professionalism. There's feedback. Macita is a good tool, but if the lobster is used from time to time, it's a legacy for future grandchildren.


Who's gonna say anything about the DWT lobster? Just for home use.

If for the house, sometimes, it's fine. Just take into account that the entire Chinese instrument is one-time, breaks during the guarantee period, fixes. After the guarantee of fixing is problematic, there may be no detail or expensive. In my DWT, the switch (this is their illness) flew over 35,000 roubles. The drill itself has never bought 45 yu. Here you go.

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