Аккумуляторный электролобзик

Best Electric Shock

Bosch PST 900 PEL

620 Kwt, home-use lobster electric beer. Electronic frequency management ensures the smoothness of movements and the smooth start of work. The minimum vibration (Bsch Low Vibration technology) ensures comfort in the direction of the blade. Weight, 2 kg.

In Hungary, the guarantee period is two years.


  • 90 mm maximum drank, 8 mm metal;
  • Tubes to connect the vacuum pump and the depressed saw;
  • The existence of an anti-vibration system;
  • The possibility of rapid change of blade without the use of tools;
  • Strong back plate.


  • short cord.

It is recalled that a great tool for using the house, in the day, in the construction of sheds and other small objects. Ping plywood, laminated DVP, brus, plastic. Vibration doesn't feel much. Out of the underdevelopment, it's not a very convenient connection.

Bosch PST 700 E

An electric lobster with an engine power of 500 W. Low Vibration technology guarantees weak vibration, which ensures low noise. There's a difference between a confident float and a convenient speed setting. Weight is 1, 7 kg.

Producer country - Hungary, instrument guarantee - 2 years.

  • Dilution depth - 70 mm, metal - 4 mm;
  • the function of the depression;
  • rapid change of sawcases;
  • Steel-stamped sole;
  • A cut-off handle.
  • No battery.

It is recalled that there is " broad-formity " of the instrument, and that there is almost everything: plywood, pipes, stones, trees, aluminium. One of the main advantages is the hand laying tight on the handle, not slipping. Good ergonomic, smooth speed adjustment, comfortable button. Work needs to wear glasses.

Bosch PST 650

A decent electrical lobster for domestic use. There's an ergonomic form, a convenient pen. Power is 500 W. The anti-regulation system provides comfort and comfort in the operation. Weight, 2 kg.

Produced in Hungary, guarantee two years.

  • depth (max) of wood material - 65 mm steel sheet - 3 mm;
  • Controlled soak intensity;
  • The good visibility of the zone was saw;
  • Simplification of the pins;
  • In kit 3 of the “natural” blade;
  • The possibility of drinking at 45°;
  • A strong case.

    According to feedback, a good tool for house use or small-scale construction is good at the price. Well cut the plywood, board. He needs regular lubes. Despite the Low Vibration system, noise and increased vibration are observed.

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