Самодельная мини-циркулярная

Improvised Circular

Improvised Circular Drinking is not so rare and certainly useful. It can be done with only initial metal skills adapted to the backbone and carefulness.

Circular sawing with your hands makes sense if you already have something on the material: pieces of steel, line pipe, and especially the engine. Or a coal drill. The engine can be looked at in the " merchandise " market, where it is not rare.

The design of the circular saw is well known and clear from the drawing. There is only a need to provide some explanations on the different thinnesses. Let's start upstairs.

The table. It needs to be covered with a sheet of vomit or zincock. The tree on the tree or the plate is bound to shatter, the middle of the table is a large, small moon. He's gonna be "playing" and making the deaf drank the same depths.

The cross-sections of the table should be made from a steel angle of 60 to 80 mm with a horizontal shelf outside. It's easier and easier to make a side-limiter.

cirkularnaya-pila-svoimi-rukami-shemaWorking Party (Disk) and engine. It shall not be above the surface of the table by more than 1/3 of the diameter, or it will be bad to drink and very dangerous. Therefore, if you need to brush 100 mm, the diameter of the disc is at least 350 mm. But a motor of at least 1kW is needed to drive such a disc; for a disk of 170 mm, 400 W (0, 4 kW). The power of an available or accessible engine should be compared immediately to its needs. For lumbers 150 mm and above circular saw Pretty problematic.

Regulated lateral range. A good point is made from a piece of flat steel angle 60-80 mm by 300-400 mm longer than the table. One of the floors, which will then be vertical, shall be cut equally on each side so that the balance is equal to the length of the table. The " chvosts " are blurred down in the horizontal letter " U " with a width equal to the thickness of the table plus 10-15 mm. In the underground " U " , we shall drill and cut the openings under the M8-M10 line. We put a lot of emphasis on the table, and we put bolts in the right position. It's a very tight-trainer to produce a template between him and a disk of the saw.

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