Стол для ручной

Circular Script

Станина на циркулярную пилуIf a person resides in a private house or has a long-distance landing area, the existence of a fixed circular saw in the home master ' s arsenal is not only desirable but also sometimes necessary. Unfortunately, the value of the commercially manufactured type of such a saw does not correspond to the frequency of its domestic use, and for some Russians, it is not in the pocket. At the same time, making a cyrcular with its hands is simple enough to use a sewing machine or a normal electric drive. However, the quality of the work and the nomenclature of the operations performed depends largely on the Circular Pills.

Plane design

Съёмная часть пильного стола с циркулярной пилойStanina to Circular Pilou

A simple Circular Pile with a power not exceeding 0, 8..12 kilawattt is easily accessible by hand from fat plywood and wooden bars. BOSCH GSB 19-2 (power of 0, 85 kilowattt) or DWT SBM-1050 (power 1, 05 kilowattt) which is attached to the stove by means of a special carton may be used for the transmission. The length of the wall will depend on the length of the material to be sold.Электрический двигатель For the table, at least 50, 0 millimeters thickness must be purchased. Of course, a wooden bar won't work, but in order to disband the boards, fast bruises, such an improvised structure is sufficient.

In general, the machine will consist of the base and table (work table). Of course, with manual self-producing circulars, the design should be as simple as possible. The construction of the working table will be determined primarily by the design of the retractor anchorage unit. The self-propelled Circular Devices use or Circular Disk directly in the Electric Door, or (most preferably) two reference wails, which are activated by a temporary transmission from the electric motor.

Table preparation

In the first stage of the construction of the wooden table with their hands, the existing plywood sheets shall be placed according to the existing sketch or drawing. In order to reduce the number of melts, the markings shall be made from the edge of the sheet. As a tool, they use a small tooth or electrolysis knife.

Einhell RT-TS 920 Hitachi C10RD Jet JBTS-10 Metabo TKHS 315

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