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The wireless technology was inspired by one of the most beautiful women.

While only 1.5 per cent of patents were registered for women between 1790 and 1984, this figure has now risen to 20 per cent. However, women have made a significant contribution to the world of technology. Without the women we are talking about in our review and without their inventions, our world would be more dangerous and certainly not so interesting.

1. Paper packages

Lady Edison's bags.

Margaret Knight, who received the name Lady Edison, was a pretty fertile inventor. She got about 87 patents for her inventions. When a girl was only 12 years old, she patented a device to stop a tissue statue in which she had a foreign object. When Margaret was 30 years old, she patented one invention without which no modern store could be presented, a paper bag. Most of its inventions were patented between 1902 and 1915.

2. Invisible glass

Invisible glass.

Catherine Blodgett, who received a Master ' s degree at the University of Chicago in 1918, became the first woman to serve in General Electric Research Laboratory. Shortly thereafter, Blodgett became the first woman in 1926 to protect the physics dissertation. It has developed a mono-molecular film technology with its teacher, Irving Lengmur, which has created the possibility of creating an invisible glass that passes 99% of the light. Today, such glass is used in telescopes, objects, car glasses and glasses.

3. Beer.

The first breweries were women.

Now we don't know who came up with the first beer recipe. However, there were many indications that women were among the first brewers. According to some researchers, about 7,000 years ago, in ancient Mesopotamia and Schumer, women had monopoly on the production and sale of beer because they were allegedly protected by the goddess of Ninkashi, Cyris and Siduri. It was then women who threw beer at Scandinavian Vikings. And even in England, there was a tradition of harbing a house beer that women were doing.

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