Цена, мощность

Circular Pil Interscol

DP-165/1200 Interscole is a tool to disperse wood materials with a maximum depth of 55 mm. The model is simplic in handling, precision of the line and convenient use. Special features of the disc saw: compactness, suspension of the spindle, possibility of a cut at an angle.

Technical characteristics of the Interscal Pile 165/1200

  • Power: 1,200 W;
  • Number of revolutions: 4,700 / min;
  • Disk diameter: 165 mm;
  • (90o) (max.): 55 mm;
  • Distance: 20 mm;
  • Weight: 4.2 kg.


  • DVD;
  • Disk switch key;
  • a guide.

Disk description Interscol DP-165/1200

Hand-held electrical equipment for transverse and longitudinal food of various products (feners, boards, laminate, parke, etc.).

Special lever adjusts the angle of the cut. The range is between 0 and 45 degrees. The hard-wall drive will make the melting more effective.

There are two handles on the body. They contribute to sound recording and comfort management of the instrument.

Also in the design, there's a pipe to connect the vacuum cleaner to the saw. This will keep the job clean.

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