Циркулярная пила Jet JPS-10TS

Circular Jet

The Circular Pills are intended for longitudinal and transverse sawnwood and wood products, as well as MTs, MDFs and other similar materials. The JET Circular Pills are implemented in the form of fixed machines with tables parallel to logging, various extensions and expansion of the working table. All JET Circular Films have an uploading function, a rolling disc, which improves the quality of the melting and enhances the operational capacity circular letter♪ In addition, all JET circulars have the possibility of inclination of a drive to 45 degrees. The professional JET circulars are of high quality and accuracy, good design strength, nodes and machinery reliability, and electric motors in machines have a power reserve and a long life of continuous operation. You can see the details of JET Circular Pelts below.

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