Сумка F 160 для направляющих

Circular Beer With Guide

Perfectly direct and precise Circular Peeling? It's not a problem with Skil's guide tyre! This new affiliation is easy to establish, use and retain.

The cyrcular saw fits perfectly to smash the big parts, but the perfect straight line can be a problem. Skil's control tyre solves this problem, directing the saw in the right direction, following the line carefully. This is a convenient solution for the perfect prophecy in all types of boards and panels 8 cm to 136 cm wide.

Two stacks, which simply enshrines the guide tyre on the processed part, make it easy to fix and regulate. The kit consists of four sections 36 cm each, which are almost instantly interconnected through the Clic system. Total driving length - 144 cm Depending on the size of the detail, one to four sections may be used. It's very user-friendly, stored in a compact cardboard box that protects all its components safely.

The reference tyre fits everything. circular flames Skil, both in the direct installation and with the base adapter. It is presented as a separate identity, but it is also included in the Circular Pils Skil 5064, 5155 and 5166 at a very attractive cost.

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