Циркулярная пила Bosch GKS 190

Circular Beer

Ручная лучшая дисковая пила, сравнениеSo that this article does not look like empty advertisements without, in the example of two leaders of their market segment, Makita 5704R best circular saw and Bosch GKS 190, bring all the features and thinness, and also compare these two models by parameters:

  • Price. Disciplines can't cost cheaper. For that money, you'll get a good online tool (a surge Circular cost more) on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • Wes. Makita 5704R weighs 4, 9 kilograms and Bosch GKS 190 - 4, 2. It's a small spread, and it's only visible in vibration that these two stamps are just unfeasible. Although a miniature, a fragile woman will not hold them, no one expects such " advances " .
  • Power. Again, the first issue is 1,200 Watt and the other one is 1,400 Watt. It's roughly the same, though Bosch is preferable.
  • Number of speeds. Both models have one mode and the number of revolutions per minute varies markedly: 4.900 for Makita and 5.500 for Bosch. Although it's being traced at the price, Makita is much cheaper.
  • Noise level. Without variations, Makita 5704R has 86 Db, while Bosch GKS 190 - 107 Db. And if you can and can't hear these differences on the construction or in the workshop (although 20% of this is a lot), the neighbors will say thank you once in the apartment. And working in a small room is much more comfortable, and there's no need in protective headphones.
  • Deep washed. Better. circular letter - 66 millimeters, and Bosch has 70 mm. These four millimeters are important, or not, to decide.
  • Cornering. 45 degrees in Makita 5704R versus 56 in Bosch GKS 190. As you can see, Bosch is an indisputable leader, but answer yourself honestly: do you often need these extra degrees?
  • A stabbing knife. Makita's Circular Pil is equipped with it, while Bosch GKS 190 is not. And with the big rounds, it's very important, and the comfort of work is not the last place.
  • Connection to the vacuum. Both stamps support this, and for others this is a very important feature.
  • Ergonomika. It's useless to give advice, it's all addicted to prestige and habits, if they've already developed.
  • Protection against accidental launch. Such a fear will save you on several occasions.
  • The intangible adjustment of the depths and angles has failed without an additional instrument. It's just quick and convenient, as it is to be done with a good machine on behalf of a manufacturer.
  • Vibration level. It's fair to say that the more expensive the disc saw, the better it is. It is not for the producers to improve their products by constantly improving their electrical tools.
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