Makita Бензопила DCS 4610-35

Macita Benzopila

Бензопилы MakitaTo date, Makita ' s manual benzopil is the most indisputable assistant who can work when there is no power supply in the vicinity or under extremely shy conditions. This tool is very reliable, operational and relatively low. A large number of different models offer both an opportunity and a professional and a person who uses petrol as a domestic use only occasionally to stop choosing on the most appropriate option.

Depending on the nature and location of the use, 3 types of benzopill differing from their technical characteristics are produced by Japan ' s concession Makita.

  1. Hobby class. They use such benzopiles as a rule to work in the garden. They are lights, compact, but not very productive. Engine capacity of this instrument is small: 33, 0 cm3 with a tyre length of 25 cm, 35 cm and 38 cm.
  2. Farmer class. They're classified as semi-professional.Бензопила Макита от официального дилера With an engine of 39,0 cm3 the length of the tyre in the instrument is larger than that of the petrol saw in the Hobby class (40 cm and 45 cm) and its weight is 4.5 kg. The instant launch, as well as the good vibration, deserves dignity.
  3. A number of large firms in the timber and construction sectors prefer Profi class♪ Macita ' s professional benzopil has an engine volume of about 78, 0 cm3 with a tyre length of 50 cm, 53 cm, 60 cm and 70 cm. The capacity of the instrument is quite significant (proving 4, 6 kW). The probe has rigid springs designed to fully extinguish the vibration, the latest air filtering system and the decompression valve.
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