Бензопила OLEO-MAC GS35-14

Benzopila Oleo Mac

Lobsik, circular and chain saws. Popular questions and answers.

Sometimes when you choose a saw, questions arise. What kind of pubic, circular, chain? What's the best way to work on a specific material? For what purposes is this ...

Comparison of KARCHER K5 advantages and disadvantages

Moiki KARCHER is popular in the world, and the question is, why? Let's try to answer this question on the KARCHER K5. It's a series K5 that's the most popular f... ♪


The choice of engine always raises questions: What's the difference in characteristics? Why is one engine worth more, another cheaper? What kind of engine? Let's try to answer these and others. ♪ ♪


With the emergence of gasoline and trimmers, the fight against weeds and grass has become much more effective. The process of eliminating unwanted vegetation has also accelerated and the quality has increased. ♪

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