Бензопила MTD GCS 4600/45

Benzopila Mtd

This model is your irreplaceable assistant in the garden and the precinct. A two-stroke engine with a capacity of 38 cubic cm, a benzopila without special effort, will quickly and qualitatively handle the most labour-intensive and complex work.

If you want to buy a high-productive chain benzopil, don't pass past the MTD GCS 3800/35 model. You'll save your time and nerves that used to spend unrestrictedly on heavy and routine physical work.

Specialities and advantages:

  • Anti-vibration qualities provide powerful steel springs used as reliable depreciators
  • Partially cut-off handle of the petrol beer has a convenient, ergonomic form
  • The hand absorbs emerging vibrations, making the best possible effort, helps to save strength and reduce fatigue in long-term work.
  • Effective safety systems are provided in the design of the MTD GCS 3800/35 benzopies
  • Benzopila is equipped with a metal capture, which allows the woods to be held more confidently in the process of operation
  • Metal dental insistence with the metal chain guarantees convenience and safety
  • Benzopila is loaded with a tyre and chain of known Oregon brand.

In terms of efficiency and productivity, the model can easily compete with professional tools, although the price is much lower than that for professionals.

Because of low vibration, ergonomic design, the chain benzopila MTD GCS 3800/35 is confidently leading the benzopill market as a constant chemist of sales on our Internet store.

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