Бензопила McCulloch CS 400T

Benzopila Mcculloch

Today, as part of the Husqvarna Group, McCulloch continues to reaffirm its position in the field of gardening. Knowledge and experience gained in more than 60 years has been used in each new benzopile, gasoline, trimmer, gasoline. ♪ ♪

Anyone who has ever worked as a McCulloch tool knows about its functions and advantages. Among the most important are:

  • Engines
  • Advanced technologies
  • Friendship to the user
  • Argonomical shape of handicraft
  • Long-term and durable materials
  • Large range
  • Multiple accessories

McCulloch is equipped with combined ignition and air plug controls that accelerate the launch process and enhance the reliability of the tool. Also, a light start system that has made it easier to start an instrument. Starter's resistance is reduced by 40%.

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