Бензопила Husqvarna 135

Benzopila Husqvarna Feedback

Benzopila Husqvarna 142. Review and retract from the owner of this firm's saw. Not management, not operating instructions. I bought it here. Time codes for rapid transition:
History of Huskwarna and the chatter:
What's the price of the saws for 2014:
Hot start, how does the brake work:
Operating thoughts:
Cold start, how does the air plug work, analyst:
Comparison with b/p Steel (Stihl):
Comparison with the larger 40th model + Pyscars cologne:
Complexation is worth buying and what's not.
Example of work:

Detailed characteristics
Maximum dimensions with tyre and chain: 75*22*25 cm (D*SH*B)
Fuel tank: 0, 37l
Oil container: 0, 19l
Manufacturing of oil pump at 8500ob/min: 6-8 ml/min
Pile weight with tyre and chain, without petrol and oil: 5, 6 kg
Net weight (without tyre and circuit) 4.6 kg
The weight of my bag with all the contents: 9, 6 kg
Tyre length 15 inches/38cm
Number of chain links 64, step 0, 325 inch
On the star 7 tooths
Power: 1900W/1, 9kW
Power: 2.58les
Cylinder volume 40.2 cm3
Inter-electronic lock 0, 5 mm
idling speed 3,000 / min
Recommended max. unladen speed of 13,000 v/min
The furnace chain is called H30 Hoskwarna.
Country of origin of Sweden, manufacturer RE Phelon.

Checked by KESHBEC on Aliexpress 7%:

Fiskars axes:
Review and collection of Dremel mini-board:

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