Бензопила CHAMPION 137-16

Benzopila Champion

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  • Stace,

    Fish! I bought a gypsy saw at Lenta's, like, "Husswarna" three years ago. We wanted five, we gave them three. It's a half-metre long and no job denial! Well, I'm watching her, of course. Here's the price-quality ratio!

  • Pavel,

    I've got you a pile of champion142 plus a gift kit, and I've been using it twice for three times, and I've got a spark check on it.

    Good afternoon, Pavel! If you have doubts as a product or as an incorrect product, you need to go to the service centre or the acquisition store. You'll find the address of the service centers on our web site under "Servis"

  • Pavel,

    I might be blind because I didn't find anything about the champion!

  • riffus,

    I thought I'd take a cheaper saw, so it's a little bit of work. I started drinking without a problem, I drank the little things, okay. Then it was necessary to drink three pieces of wood... and then it went... while it was drinking cold, and it started and sawed, and it didn't start hot. There's no price, I had to change almost immediately. I went to the service, and they said bad gas. There's the same thing coming: one bucket of pilitis, then it's not possible to make it happen. Took the second time to the service, fought, left it on diagnostic. I came to pick up, change the magneto. They're gonna start with me, and I've got a starter, right in the service center, changed. Drinked some like wood. Sold through the avito and crossed. It's not an instrument at all. Before that, there was a forgery under Huswarna, so she's been drinking four years without a problem until something's been spelled.

  • Ivan,

    On the first day after 10 minutes of work, I started to pick up my own turns, and then I swallowed, and I didn't give any sign of life. Now we're gonna have to go to the service, which is at least a month, and the garden season's already started. I'm sorry, I'd rather dig it up and take it more expensive.

  • Daniel,

    It was necessary that it was not expensive and practical, to give and fishermen out of all the offers, more confidence was given by the b/pila champion 142-16, from the value of the price plate, a small weight, a light launch system, a controlled oil pump on the chain, a great price and power ratio, it's been six months, and it's never failed, it's been very surprising.

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