Бензопила Калибр БП-1800/16

Benzopila Calibre

Бензопила Калибр БП-1800/18 фотоThe main plus, perhaps, is that the three years of use of the saw have never been repaired. There's also a good calibre for drinking large, fat trees, but only on the ground. It's hard to work at height because of weight. And the stairs are dangerous. It's better not to take any chances. But it's a standard safety technique for working with a benzo tool.

Бензопила Калибр БП-1800/18 фотоFrom the minus - when the beer is in cold condition (for the first time before use) - it's badly started from 15 to 16 times. You pull it, you pull it. But there's no problem with the engine warming up - the benzopila's going down halfway.

We need to keep track of the circuit, because the stupid chain heats the engine and can clutch, the saw stops working. The chain was long enough - almost two years after the chain was snuffed to use the old circuit shuttle services, just bought a new chain (not expensive, about 350 roubles, a service window - at that point 150 p., but decided that the new chain would be better and longer than it was). The main rule in selecting a new chain is that the number of links should coincide.

In general, the work of the saw is good, eating some gasoline, butter low. One full gas tank is one hour of work. It's better to use a mask or glasses when they're working, because they're flying sharp ores. And then you can use the flames for the daylight!

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