Запчасти для бензопилы Alpina

Benzopila Alpina

GeorgiBenzopila Stihl MS 230 (35 cm)

In the world of benzopiel, nothing better than Steel has yet to come up, the Huskwarna is around, but the service is weaker in Ukraine. 230th model for me is optimal, because it has a power reserve, as opposed to 180, which is easy to overload. At the same time, 230s are not as heavy as more powerful models. You won't regret it if you care about it, you'll give the grandchildren your inheritance. "

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Alpina is modern chain saws equipped with a strong and reliable petrol engine with a compact size and a small weight. This construction of the Alpine Benzopila provides an opportunity for easy work, with high melting productivity, especially in the case of leaf wood materials. The high speed of the chain allows for a straight line of the cut, and the length of the guide tyre will allow for the handling of even large-scale preparations. Each Alpina benzopile is a highly reliable safety tool. The high level of comfort in working with the instrument is achieved through a literate weight distribution, so the Alpine Benzopila is quite convenient for long work. Modern vibration suppression systems reduce the operator ' s exhaust capacity, and the Alpina benzopil is equipped with a system to protect the engine from overheating and overloading. A suitable fuel tank will provide a long-term chain saw, with a product of good endurance, and it will be able to last very long when properly treated.

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