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Benzopiel Video

The Finnish surgical farmers have created a universal anti-sules, snowflakes and trees: they have installed benzopila on the octocopter.

In the comments, users are asking for " to stop giving the Pentagon new ideas " .

The authors replied: they used a tuning octocopter DJI S1000.

imageOn a video octopopter with a benzopile installed on board, with the word " Killer Drone " , cuts off the sheds from the garage, cuts the heads of the snowmen, boils the tree top. In the end, the machine falls in the air balloons. With this project, the Finns may well participate in the DARPA arms competition.

In the comments on the video, users noted: " That is why Russia does not contact the dates " , " Stop giving the Pentagon ideas " , " The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration cancelled all flights through Finland " . They recommended using DJI Phantom hunting machines.

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