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Benzopiel Prices

The question of where to buy benzopila in Moscow is always relevant for people who are engaged in construction or are engaged in activities related to deforestation. This tool is widely used: it can be used both for gardening and for wood harvesting. It'll fit to work with plastic pipes as well as porous concrete. The SadTeh Internet store can be purchased at a reasonable price by a highly reliable Husqvarna benzopila or by a model from another world name manufacturer.

How to choose a benzopila

The performance of benzopyls is influenced by indicators such as engine power and volume. Accordingly, the instrument is divided into:

  • Domestic;
  • semi-professional;
  • professional.

However, the prices for benzopies are due to the characteristics of the instrument.

The engine power of domestic aggregates is 2 kW and volume is up to 40 cm3. Such an instrument is intended to carry out uncomplicated work (e.g. for wood harvesting). For semi-living benzopyl, the ratios will be higher, ranging from 40 to 60 cm3 and the power from 2 to 3 kW. Such a tool is widely used in construction.

Professional benzopies are the highest-class instrument. They have a power up to 6 kW and an engine capacity between 60 and 90 cm3. Huskwarna Benzopila, as well as a professional tool from other popular brands, can work up to eight hours without interruption.

Professional benzopies may also have a small power. Such models do not weigh much, but they can work well for hours in a row. If, in the household and semi-complete instrument, the engine cartel is made of solid plastic, the occupational aggregates are metal. If you decided to buy a benzopile in Moscow, welcome to SadTech, we have a wide range of tools, the price of the aggregates is moderate and the delivery is done in a short time.

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