Tool as a gift

The right gift for the worker

Every year at Christmas or the birthday the same question. What do I give? It is sometimes hard to find the right one for a loved one. If it is a home improvement, there are a few approaches here.

It does not always have to be the hammer drill or another big tool. Mostly, there are already small things to inspire your home improvement. Things he also needs to complete projects quickly, cleanly and successfully.

Check the basic equipment

The little things, such as folding rule, hammer, pliers and Co., will probably be available in every toolbox. But a look can be worthwhile. If the hammer head wobbles, the pliers are stuck, the measurements on the folding rule can still be read. The right opportunity has already been found to surprise the worker.

Tip: Be sure to return the tools to your position. A worker realizes that it was somebody’s turn.

But now just do not grab a set with all parts for 10 euros. They do not give the gift to be given pleasure. These parts will not last long. You will soon have the same symptoms as the old tool.

A new power tool

In the workshop, a certain amount of bandwidth must always be covered. This goes from cutting, drilling and screwing to grinding. Power tools help here for rapid progress.
Depending on the field of activity, certain tools come into question. Basically, always the question of the material to be processed to answer.
With cable or rechargeable battery … The dealer is happy to help.

Suitable accessories

The highly acclaimed cordless screwdriver requires the right attachments for screwing. These are available in many different variations. The drive type and their size, as well as the length are important points. Expand the stock.

Consumables can also be considered as an addition to the gift. Abrasives are always hot. Sandpaper for hand sanding. But also grinding wheels or sanding belts for machines can be.

Also think about the health of your handyman.

Is there a good vacuum cleaner for the workshop? Workwear, respiratory protection, hearing and privacy etc. are vital!

Personalize the gift

By printing on the folding rule, a T-shirt or sweater you can also cause great joy. Not only pleased by the showing of the present, but also the appreciation by you.

Conclusion to tool as a gift

Check existing tools of the worker. If one has to be renewed, they already have the right basis. If the do-it-yourself enthusiast likes to work or often with a specific tool, it may be necessary to think about suitable accessories. Consumables, such as abrasives, are always needed. Personal protective equipment, such as appropriate work clothes, gloves, hearing and visual protection, make the work more enjoyable and are vital!

If it’s a higher priced gift that’s handy to home improvement, ask family and friends. Together, make your home improvement king happy.

If none of the suggestions are suitable for you, just ask. The surprise effect is not so great, but the joy of the worker always.

If you are unsure despite everything, it also does the well-tried coupon of the favorite brand.

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