The right equipment for the felling

In the spring, there is time again to strike and store wood for the fireplace or the campfire. Just to save costs, but for a more comfortable heating, many homeowners have installed fireplace and tiled stoves. Of course they need enough fuel. To further reduce costs, it is best to beat and process the wood in the forest itself. Most of the state forest in the fall and spring out certain windows, to which the private man may beat wood.

Without the right equipment you should not do any forest work.

Preparation is everything

Depending on the state, the time and quantity quotas are available at different prices. Billing is usually in room or fixed meters. A solid meter is a stack of wood with a volume of 1 m³ (including intermediate spaces). The prices are very different for this.

If you want to convert from a standard heating, you can expect 3-5 kW of heating power per solid meter (depending on the particular wood). Just look at the boiler output of your current heater and make a comparison.

Also note that you need to store freshly cut wood for at least 1 year in a dry place. Therefore, you should always think 2 years in advance. This not only refers to perpetual replenishment, but also to sufficient storage space. 20 – 30 meters and more take away a lot of space, which is not to be despised. But let’s start with the most basic: the right equipment.


It should be clear to everyone that a powerful branded saw is not yet well equipped for tree felling in the forest. That’s why we present a small selection of minimum material here.

A chainsaw with at least 1.6 kW power and a sword with a length of 30 cm upwards.

  • In our online shop you will find a large selection of chainsaws. For private use, for example, the Makita gasoline chainsaw DCS3410TH-35 is recommended. This has a power of 1.7 kW and a 35 cm sword.

Tip: Also use biodegradable lubricants for your chainsaw. The forest is a habitat of many animals and plants, which must be saved from oil spills . A special canister facilitates transport and storage enormously.

Splitting wedges and hammers , with which you can split especially the larger pieces of wood directly in the forest.

  • For this we recommend the Fiskars Splitting Wedge Safe, whose special shape facilitates the splitting of larger pieces of wood, in conjunction with the Ochsenkopf splitting hammer.

To split smaller pieces of wood, a special splitting ax .

  • A very good quality here, among other manufacturers, the company Ochsenkopf with your Spaltfix. The very robust head glides through the wood, as if by butter, making chopping wood fun.

In order to protect your safety completely, you also need a cut protection trousers , a helmet with face and ear protection and special shoes .

  • In addition to the special protective clothing, it is also advisable to keep a first aid kit at hand. And suitable gloves must not be missing in the forest work.

Once you have the right equipment together, you should, if you can not yet, learn how to use the chainsaw properly. These so-called chainsaw training courses are usually offered by hardware stores and enjoy great popularity. In addition to the theoretical basic education in terms of safety, the participants also learn the practical handling of the chainsaw here.

Dry and safe

If you sawed the wood in the forest, you should also split it . This helps you to dry the wood faster and makes it easier to pile up. To further accelerate the drying process you should also remove the bark from the wood. Dry them separately in wicker baskets. Dry bark is perfect for lighting your fireplace or stove.

Which wood?

Even at school, we learn that hardwoods and softwoods exist. Oaks and beech have the highest calorific value per cubic meter. This means that these woods are best suited to give off a pleasant warmth over a long period of time. But especially for lighting and for a nice glow, you need softer wood, such as linden or poplar.

For a great aroma in open fireplaces, we recommend you to put a piece of birch into the fire. The oils contained therein develop a bluish flame and a pleasant smell.

With this overview we hope to have shown you a good overview of the suitable tools for your next wood action.

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