The Makita table saw Makita (TKS 2712) in the test of C. Hilgers

First of all, I would like to mention that I am not a trained machinist, electrician or carpenter. So I will not go into detail on machine performance or sectional images of different types of wood.

Produkttest_C_Hilgers_Anhang 7_kl

There it is … the good piece.

I would like to help my rating only to do-it-yourselfers or beginners when deciding on a purchase.


The package came on a small pallet that can be easily lifted and transported with a pallet truck, if one is available =)

The packaging was very sturdy with laces attached to the pallet, preventing it from slipping while protecting the goods. When opening the packaging an orderly insertion of the body parts was to be seen.

Everything was well sorted and arranged.

For the actual construction of the table saw, I have to say unfortunately that the selected hex wrench for the included screws or nuts were not optimal. In addition, it must be complained that the force required to tighten the nuts was estimated as very high.
In my opinion, there are more elegant solutions; especially since the saw is in the upper price range.

Furthermore, I found the structure for a person quite cumbersome because just the drive with a sheet is quite heavy and unwieldy to assemble. Nevertheless, I wanted to implement it alone and with the included tool. I succeeded with a lot of effort. The result was a very sturdy table saw, which is due to the wheels for transporting.

Very good workmanship and provided with wheels for transport.

In terms of transportation, flat paths are no problem. The transport of the saw on uneven ground such as in the garden is more difficult. This is due to the rather small rolls, which appear to be undersized in proportion to the saw.
The handles are attached to the sides and easy to handle.


As already mentioned, the saw stands securely and firmly in the assembled state. The high quality selected materials complement the well thought-out construction.

An exception is unfortunately the stop for Miter cuts or I find the stop to cut bars are very shaky and inaccurate. With the included screws you will not get a hold for longer cuts and the result was inaccurate dimensions.

I was not satisfied with the stop for miter cuts.

Furthermore, I have to complain about the protection above the saw blade. I removed this because it was hardly possible to cut larger woods (8x8cm). The sliding through the protection to the saw from time to time jammed, so this had to be removed. For this there are deductions from me in terms of security.

The saw blade made a very good impression. It fabricated a clean cut and even with longer use (6 hours), I could not determine a difference in quality of the wood to be cut. One should also remember that despite the high price is a Einsteigersäge.


The colors are typical for Makita (green, gray) personally this design says.

My conclusion:

  • All in all, a well-designed, stable and visually appealing table saw for hobby craftsmen who want to work with smaller woods.
  • The engine appears powerful and manages the materials to be cut.
  • Likewise, the volume of the Makita table saw, compared to others, is relatively quiet.
  • However, the modification of the extension of the saw table has to be criticized. This takes in my eyes too much time.
  • And the emergency stop button does not seem to have found its optimal place yet. During the sawing process, I often hit my left thigh against it, so that the sawing process had to be stopped repeatedly.

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