The initial equipment

All beginning

It takes a little time until the original equipment is put together. Rarely does one begin with an assortment. The tools multiply as needed.

Tools have become an integral part of our lives. That starts with the knife. Most grew up with tools. There were in my toy assortment metal kits of a model railway manufacturer, to which I still like to remember.

Who has not helped building furniture or wallpapering?

Others begin to equip themselves with tools when they move into their first home. Screwdrivers, hammers etc. are needed. Depending on the size and drive of a screw, it is not done with a slotted or Phillips screwdriver. During the construction of the furniture in recent years, more and more the Inbus or Torx came to the fore. So, as with the drills, set’s are always popular here.

Because you do not want to screw yourself forever, a cordless screwdriver follows quickly. To hang cabinets, lamps and pictures a drill is required. However, since a screwdriver can not be clamped either in the cordless screwdriver or the drill, other inserts are needed here again.

You may have to cut out into a back wall or you laid a laminate floor. Since then a jigsaw is beneficial.

One is the other. To mark points you have to measure correctly . Everything becomes straight with the spirit level. Here is an extension cable, two blocks, pliers and clamps … Already you have your first tool.

The first tool

My first tool was a measuring tool. The folding rule. It was lying there … Just like the other tools of my grandfather. Professionally, what I did with it was not. But everyone starts.

Can you still remember what your first tool was? Write me a comment.

When do you have the original equipment?

It depends on the project. In most households there is a box in a chamber or in the basement. Contents include scale or measuring tape, pencil, pen, hammer, pliers, old kitchen knife, six different screwdrivers, voltage tester, luster terminals, open-end wrenches, screw collection, small saw, dried glue, sealing rings and dowels in question. Most of it was left during the move or a helper left it.

With all that goes beyond, you’re already beginning to specialize.

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