Recognize good tools

Recognize good tool

It is not possible to recognize a good tool at first glance. Only by trial and error. Is it good in the hand and how is the processing. Trying out well is not a problem in well-established building materials. Different with set’s. They are shrink-wrapped and unpacking is required for purchase. Here you have to go Test seals like the GS – Tested safety and awards left by TÜV. But if a set costs less Euros than the number of parts, it usually hides lower quality.

If one asks in his circle for recommendations for tools, it starts right. Many people are home improvement or professionals and branded. They usually tell full of euphoria from their experiences. You can go deep into the details of tools unimagined.

Take the question of a cordless screwdriver as an example. The connoisseur asks for the purpose. The answer of the layman: “screws?!”

Yeah, but you turn on small brass screws by hand with the screwdriver. In order to turn screws in wood, it is good to be able to select a torque step and it is best to drill. A chuck is optimal because you can clamp everything. There are also screwdrivers with hexagon socket. That can not spin on the device. For the wheel nuts on the car, a cordless screwdriver is again too weak.

Depending on what you want to do you need a big cordless screwdriver with a lot of power or a small one that fits in a drawer. The battery must have a certain capacity … Lithium-ion battery … The charger must recharge quickly or there is a second battery … External or internal battery … Clockwise and counterclockwise … Carbon brush changeable … plus a quick-change attachment or even a second device. Also, it does not matter which use you use. I can recommend … And above all, keep your fingers off the mark X.

So you get a lot of information in no time.

The common opinions about good tools

The common statements are always

Good quality equals high weight; Plastic is no good Cheap one buys twice; What costs nothing is synonymous nothing; and alike

I’ve been using it for X years now and I’m very satisfied.

If it creates a 30-piece set of bits for 4Euro without rusting from the store to your home, just because the parts are in the oil … The bit only in the extension remains, if you hold it up …
The magnet falls out after removing the bit… I spent only 4Euro to annoy me.

I have often, even at specialist companies, seen tape of all kinds about the tools. Here is likely that such a device performs a good service. The case gave way. Not every machine body can withstand a fall from a great height.

What are the decisive points?

To stay with the example of the cordless screwdriver, the price is important in the first place. Depending on your budget you also limit the selection. Once this has been clarified, it goes straight to the minimum requirement or the use. Will you only screw or drill with the device? If you also want to drill, the question comes up for the material. If stone or concrete is involved in the game, a cordless drill with a percussion drill will be the right choice. To drill a hole here and there that is very good. And if he makes a hole in concrete, he is also well suited for the common screwing.

Now you can not do anything wrong. Is not there the experience.

More and more low-cost suppliers penetrate the tool market. Fortunately, these are usually at a discounted price. As I said, with experience. Also, it’s pretty curious to be offered a hammer drill between my grocery purchases.

You can get a good small screwdriver for the household drawer for less than 50 €. A cordless percussion drill is best to buy for about 100 €. This is then absolutely sufficient for occasional projects. Under this price, important components of the machine are usually made of plastic or other cheap material. I do not need to explain to you how long they endure the impact function.

The conclusion

You determine the maximum price. Under a certain price a good tool is not available. If there is the opportunity to test, do that. Only buy what is really needed. A healthy mediocrity with which you can make your own experiences is recommended.

You see, the possibilities and options seem limitless. But with a few questions, only a few tools remain. With the golden mean you are not wrong then. Then you have found the perfect filler and thus your good tool.

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