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Tools wait

To give your tools a long life, you should take care of them. Whether hand tools, equipment or machines. If a tool in the middle of a project is not ready to use, it is very annoying and costs time. The utensils must be kept clean, functional and complete. That’s why the maintenance. This does not mean waiting for improvement, but maintenance in the form of maintenance. Sharpening from drills, chisels, chisels and chisels, to lubricating moving parts and repairing, to testing and calibrating, everything is part of the maintenance.

But maintenance, or care, starts at work. When grinding with a good suction, the machine does not close so fast. It ensures a clean and healthy working environment, functionality and saves on abrasives. The proper use of a machine, you need not actually mention. Unfortunately, one sees again and again the improper use. The device is pulled or lowered on the cable. These things should be avoided at all costs.

Maintain tools

Hand tools, such as saw blade, planer and knife are made of metal. In contact with the air and human sweat, they rust very quickly. To protect the metal surfaces, an oil is applied.
For door hinges, lawnmowers and industrial machines, oils have great properties. It protects, cleans, lubricates, preserves and even prevents the embrittlement of plastic surfaces. Some oils give wood a beautiful shine and leave the grain of living work.
Most widespread is probably the multifunctional oil WD-40. Closely followed by the gun oil Ballistol. Also, the Japanese camellia oil is a popular and traditional oil for the care of hand tools for many decades. The oils are available in different sizes and also as a spray bottle. It is worth it for his tools to have a stock.

At home or in a small business, the tools are shot for the next job after work or one day a week.
Large companies have a maintenance plan. It shows the maintenance interval and upcoming maintenance. This is to improve logistics, especially in industrial machinery. In these, in contrast to the basement workshop, several components must be maintained.
Hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components are used here and are more complexly interconnected.

Cleaning tools

The coarse dirt is removed with a cloth. When cleaning you can not call a universal agent. Most tools consist of several or at least two components. The metal of the screwdriver keeps out the brake cleaner when heavily soiled. The plastic handle is not so good to talk about and quickly becomes brittle. Especially with electronics and plastics care must be taken that they do not come into contact with aggressive cleaners.
A relatively simple cleaning is usually sufficient and you do not have to overdo it.
Different with measuring devices. To maintain their precision, they pay particular attention to them.
Here, attention must be paid to the cleanliness and storage.

The right storage

Batteries and electrical appliances must be protected from frost. A high humidity is sufficient to rust contacts. The right suitcase or box for your devices is advantageous. Therein they are safe and accurately repealed.
To optimally winterize garden tools, the above oils and waxes are suitable. The lines of the devices with gasoline threaten to resinify if the service life is too long. Therefore, you have to empty the pipes before storage.

The tools, properly handled, packaged and stored in a dry place, will be there for you for a long time.


In the first place of repairs is probably in electrical appliances, the cable. If the machine goes out during work, usually a cable break is the cause. Especially with cheap machines, the cable is not sufficiently flexible and anyway too short.
The other reason may be a broken switch. Mostly the defect lies in the power supply.

As to be replaced wear part applies the carbon brush. It serves as a sliding contact on the motor of the machine. You can pay attention to the simple change of parts when buying.

Take care of your safety during such work. You should always hire a specialist. If the machine still has warranty, a defect is not a question anyway.


Depending on the material of your tool different care tips are to be applied.
The operating instructions of the devices contain all information. There the manufacturers give exact information to your device.
In addition, it is important to take a few more actions.
Already at the purchase it makes sense to use maintenance-friendly tools.
Cleaning with a cloth and oiling or lubricating moving parts is usually sufficient.

Carefully handle your tool. Look for functionality at regular intervals. Maintaining uptime ensures you a successful project completion and you have a lot of fun with your tool.
It is also about your safety, because you prevent accidents.

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