HappyPo shower from “The Cave of the Lions”…

Presented yesterday in “The Cave of the Lions” … Available today: The unique butt shower by HappyPo . Not only is it amazingly simple to use but also extremely effective.


The novelty from “The Cave of the Lions” – the butt-shower by HappyPo.

Anyone who previously wanted to thoroughly cleanse this area of ​​the body with water had to spend a lot of money on the shower toilet, hand shower or bidet and needed enough space. That is over now. Because HappyPo allows you to clean effectively and thoroughly with a hand-held device that is worth the money and requires little more storage space than a hair spray can.

The benefits of the HappyPo shower

With this shower, which was developed only for her butt, you achieve irresistible cleanliness. Water is super-gentle to the skin, and this shower also protects the environment, as up to 80% less toilet paper is needed. Furthermore, the butt shower is a perfect alternative to wet wipes.

Really clean – that’s important to everyone

More and more people are looking for ways to purify their body, and consequently their buttocks, consciously, yet effectively. So there is

  • 12000000. Müllvermeider
  • 5000000. Po-Sensitive
  • 12000000. Wet wipe users
  • 740Tsd. new mothers

where the butt shower offers a permanent solution.

People who live very eco-consciously and shop without packaging are grateful for this invention. Po-sensitive people, such as people with hemorrhoids as well as wet wipe users who are sensitive to rash (also with rash) to the chemistry in the tissues and a variety of new mothers, which is prohibited after childbirth due to the risk of infection, the wipe cleanse this area of ​​the body so that it feels clean .

To handle

Only three steps are necessary to use this butt-shower. Open the butt-shower and fill with water . Then use the device by holding the closed container under your buttocks and, by pressing the container’s belly, create a jet of water to rinse off the area. Now you just have to dry your butt and: done!

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