DIY Do it yourself

I do that myself

All sorts of textiles, the furniture in living room and garden and other today, more that ever, made yourself. DIY Do it yourself – do it yourself. It is processed to materials everything that is currently announced. The ideas about the handmade seem to have no end. Everywhere a big boom. From magazines to courses everything is offered. Over the week you will find a few television programs dedicated to the subject.

The improvisation is capitalized. It’s just done by yourself. But a guide must be !? Everywhere you see instructions for doing it yourself. You can not condemn that right away. Who looks at the videos and instructions, also takes an incentive or a new idea. By looking at how others do something, so do we.

Upcycling – Trend from the trend

From the do-it-yourself, new trends emerge again. Like upcycling. We know recycling as recycling. The raw materials are separated and used for new. When upcycling objects are prepared or improved according to their own needs. It is therefore the revaluation of old or useless items. Often this creates a new object.

DIY tools

Also to accomplish this hobby or attitude to life you need tools. In this diverse area, it depends on the materials used. But basically you can not get around some tools.

The hot glue gun

One of the first and central tools in the acquisition of the do-it-yourself movement is the hot glue gun. Because of the shape and the method of operation referred to as a gun, this tool brings liquid adhesive to your workpiece. If the adhesive surface is visible later, there is the possibility to acquire the adhesive in different colors.

At the back, a glue stick (glue stick) is introduced, which is melted inside the gun. When the trigger is actuated, the liquid adhesive exits from the front of the nozzle and allows you to set a specific point.

Unfortunately, this does not always work as described. On many models, the glue runs, like the nose in a cold.

Such a hot glue gun is available from a price of 10 €. If fifty sticks are included in this price, it is most likely a drip candidate. Not only you find yourself in a network of glue threads, but also your project. A very naughty thing, to say the least.

Wired to be always ready with the right temperature and with different nozzles, you move then already in a better quality range. In this area, we then come to a price over 20 euros.

In order not to be too limited with the cable, there are also other designs of hot glue guns on the market. There are pistols with station. This is responsible for the power supply. The gun can then be removed from the charging station for a short work and without cables. It has a heat storage. But only briefly.

Before bonding, the materials such as paper, cardboard or foam and leather must be cut to size. For this purpose, scissors and other sharp blades must be present.

If the material to be processed becomes thicker and / or harder, helpers like a multifunctional tool will be involved. To let the work go quickly by hand there are also small circular saws cheap to acquire.

In this subject area too, there are no limits to the tools, upwards.

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