craftsman-shipping explains the miracle agent nettle

You have certainly also heard of nettle jelly and all its applications. In fact, the manure is a good natural fertilizer and also acts against plant pests in the garden.


The nettle is not just weed …

Although the finished brew spreads a rather strong smell, the whole thing is still worth it!

To produce nettle

Of course, to make the marijuana, you will first need stinging nettles – about 1 kg of it. These cut them into smaller pieces with pruning shears. It is important that they wear gloves!

Now add the stinging nettle parts to a large bucket and pour the whole with about 10 liters of water. Now the broth must be, that can take up to 3 weeks. During this time, the biomass decomposes, developing a strong unpleasant odor.

For this reason, it is advisable to look for a less central location to start the brew. After 3 weeks, the stinging nettle is ready for use.

Use as an aphid

For this purpose, the manure must first be mixed in a 1:10 ratio with water, so that a so-called nettle broth is produced. It is then sprayed with the help of a garden sprayer on the affected fruit and vegetables.

Do this best on a cloudy day and repeat this procedure several times within a few days. Then the pests will disappear over time. Although this form of pest control is somewhat more complicated than the use of a chemical insecticide, but it is completely environmentally friendly and natural.

Nettle as a fertilizer

The stinging nettle can also serve as a fertilizer for your garden. Depending on the field of application, however, the mixing ratio changes. For older plants you can, as with the aphids, choose a ratio of 1:10, in young plants and seedlings, the manure should be mixed 1:20 with water.

Also the lawn can be improved with the stinging nettle. Here, the mixing ratio is even 1:50. Even if that sounds little at first, the broth is very effective and helps the lawn.

With little effort, a veritable miracle cure can be made from the annoying stinging nettles. The manure helps to fight plant pests and at the same time represents a natural fertilizer. Just try it at home and write us, what experiences you have made!

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