The initial equipment

All beginning

It takes a little time until the original equipment is put together. Rarely does one begin with an assortment. The tools multiply as needed.

Tools have become an integral part of our lives. That starts with the knife. Most grew up with tools. There were in my toy assortment metal kits of a model railway manufacturer, to which I still like to remember.

Who has not helped building furniture or wallpapering?

Others begin to equip themselves with tools when they move into their first home. Screwdrivers, hammers etc. are needed. Depending on the size and drive of a screw, it is not done with a slotted or Phillips screwdriver. During the construction of the furniture in recent years, more and more the Inbus or Torx came to the fore. So, as with the drills, set’s are always popular here.

Because you do not want to screw yourself forever, a cordless screwdriver follows quickly. To hang cabinets, lamps and pictures a drill is required. However, since a screwdriver can not be clamped either in the cordless screwdriver or the drill, other inserts are needed here again.

You may have to cut out into a back wall or you laid a laminate floor. Since then a jigsaw is beneficial.

One is the other. To mark points you have to measure correctly . Everything becomes straight with the spirit level. Here is an extension cable, two blocks, pliers and clamps … Already you have your first tool.

The first tool

My first tool was a measuring tool. The folding rule. It was lying there … Just like the other tools of my grandfather. Professionally, what I did with it was not. But everyone starts.

Can you still remember what your first tool was? Write me a comment.

When do you have the original equipment?

It depends on the project. In most households there is a box in a chamber or in the basement. Contents include scale or measuring tape, pencil, pen, hammer, pliers, old kitchen knife, six different screwdrivers, voltage tester, luster terminals, open-end wrenches, screw collection, small saw, dried glue, sealing rings and dowels in question. Most of it was left during the move or a helper left it.

With all that goes beyond, you’re already beginning to specialize.

Finding the right garden pump – that’s what it’s all about

Garden pumps can often be found in households that have a garden with a pond, fountain or rain barrel. There are different types of garden pumps that optimally master the requirements for each other task. There are also differences in the quality and accessories of the individual garden pumps. So what should be considered when buying a water pump for the garden?


For an optimal garden irrigation you need a suitable pump.

Fields of application of the garden pump

There is a lot of work to do with your own garden. Especially in the hot summer months can not be expected with sufficient rain for all plants and other irrigation methods must be used.

With the garden pump, the whole garden can be supplied with water. Some garden pumps also manage to dry ponds or flooded cellars. Likewise, this aid is often used to clean the patio or balcony. The domestic waterworks supplies the house and the garden quickly and with water as needed.

How does a garden pump work?

With a water pump, water can be transported from one place to another. It can be poured with plants and it can be aspirated water. The latter is often done in floods to keep the plants from drowning.

Water pumps are powered by electricity. The pump is simply connected to the power line of the house. Incidentally, the water pump is also referred to as a flow pump. Inside is namely an impeller, which is driven by nozzles and finally creates a strong negative pressure. This creates a strong flow and a suction force, with which it is possible to absorb water.

Purchase criteria for a water pump

A garden pump for private use in the garden, for example, does not have to be expensive. There are good garden pumps already for under 100 EUR. For large irrigation or drainage projects, the price of a suitable water pump can already be 300 EUR.

Whatever matters is the performance. But this is not true, more is more. Higher performance is usually accompanied by a longer conveyor length. The power does not have to be as big for a low well as it is for a deeper one, which eventually causes the pump to be larger. The correct head, also known as the conveyor length, can be opened up when it is clear how far the distances between the water surface and the outlet of the water are.

A delivery height of 40m is usually absolutely sufficient. The suction height of people who want to pump from a well should be at least 9m. To pump out a pool, a garden pump with a suction height of 6 or 7m is sufficient. Likewise, when buying it should be noted that the flow rate is large enough. The largest flow rate is found in devices with high performance.

An output of about 4000 liters is the benchmark for a pool. If you want to irrigate your garden with rainwater from a ton, you can also use a water pump with a flow rate of about 3500 liters.

Overload protection is now integrated in almost all garden pumps. If the device overheats, it will shut itself off, so it will not break. Another purchase criterion is the accessories. In most garden pumps the necessary small parts such as connection adapter and attachment for the hose are included in the package of the product.

Types of garden pumps

Most garden pumps are actually talking about irrigation pumps. The flow rate of an irrigation pump is about 2000 to 4000 liters and the head is usually set to 9m. This garden pump can be easily used for the Sprenkelanlage.

The perfect helper to water a large garden.

Another type of garden pump is the submersible pump. This is often used to vacuum the water in a flooded basement. In contrast to the other garden pumps, this works with very little pressure, which is why the water pump is not suitable for the lawn sprinkler and also has no high head.

Apart from the dipping and irrigation pumps, some houses have their own domestic waterworks, which should ensure the adequate supply of water, regardless of the urban water supply.

The domestic waterworks are mainly found in houses in whose garden there is a well. It has, unlike the other water pumps, an electronic pressure switch. For pumping out large water points, such as ponds, for example, dirty water pumps are often used.

A normal garden pump became clogged after a short time due to stones and other larger dirt. This is not the case with the dirty water pump , because this is far less prone to it. Who wants to buy a dirty water pump, must pay attention to the maximum grain size. This allows greater contamination of the water when it is itself large.

Garden pumps manufacturer

It is worthwhile to buy models of well-known manufacturers when buying a new garden pump. Renowned garden pump manufacturers include Gardena, Einhell, EDE, Makita, Metabo and Homa.

Why are garden pumps with pressure switches available?

Not all garden pumps have a pressure switch. It is above all domestic waterworks that are equipped with a pressure switch and can react quickly to “changing pressure”.

In addition, a pressure switch can be mounted on many garden pumps. The pressure switch responds to increasing and decreasing pressure by switching the garden pump off and on. In this way, the water is transported evenly.

The desired water pressure can be adjusted before using the garden pump. Pressure switches are relatively expensive, so before purchasing a particular model, you should be aware of some criteria, such as turn-on and turn-off time, material, dry-running protection, and operating pressure.

Garden pump and domestic waterworks – What is the difference?

A domestic waterworks is used, for example, when using the washing machine when operating the toilet flush. In contrast to a garden pump, the house water system switches on or off by itself, depending on how high the water pressure is. The domestic waterworks therefore has its own pressure control, through which the water can be provided within a very short time, without having to pump for a long time.

Another difference between these two types of water pumps is mobility. A garden pump can be easily transported, while the house water plant is a permanently installed water supply system, so can not be transported.

How strong must the pump be?

How strong the pump must be depends on the depth of the water surface. If it is a well from which water is to be pumped out, a high suction height and adequate power is required. Most garden pumps have a suction height of about 8 meters and a power of about 3000 watts.

What does the suction height mean?

The suction height describes the distance between the pump and the water surface. Usually good garden pumps have a suction height of eight or nine meters. The suction height plays an important role especially when buying a new garden pump, if wells or low-lying water points are to be pumped out.

How to connect a garden pump?

A suitable suction hose with coupling is connected to the garden pump. It is advisable to use a hose with a check valve or to buy a check valve if this is not included in the scope of the garden pump set. The garden pump itself must be connected to a suitable power source.

The Makita table saw Makita (TKS 2712) in the test of C. Hilgers

First of all, I would like to mention that I am not a trained machinist, electrician or carpenter. So I will not go into detail on machine performance or sectional images of different types of wood.

Produkttest_C_Hilgers_Anhang 7_kl

There it is … the good piece.

I would like to help my rating only to do-it-yourselfers or beginners when deciding on a purchase.


The package came on a small pallet that can be easily lifted and transported with a pallet truck, if one is available =)

The packaging was very sturdy with laces attached to the pallet, preventing it from slipping while protecting the goods. When opening the packaging an orderly insertion of the body parts was to be seen.

Everything was well sorted and arranged.

For the actual construction of the table saw, I have to say unfortunately that the selected hex wrench for the included screws or nuts were not optimal. In addition, it must be complained that the force required to tighten the nuts was estimated as very high.
In my opinion, there are more elegant solutions; especially since the saw is in the upper price range.

Furthermore, I found the structure for a person quite cumbersome because just the drive with a sheet is quite heavy and unwieldy to assemble. Nevertheless, I wanted to implement it alone and with the included tool. I succeeded with a lot of effort. The result was a very sturdy table saw, which is due to the wheels for transporting.

Very good workmanship and provided with wheels for transport.

In terms of transportation, flat paths are no problem. The transport of the saw on uneven ground such as in the garden is more difficult. This is due to the rather small rolls, which appear to be undersized in proportion to the saw.
The handles are attached to the sides and easy to handle.


As already mentioned, the saw stands securely and firmly in the assembled state. The high quality selected materials complement the well thought-out construction.

An exception is unfortunately the stop for Miter cuts or I find the stop to cut bars are very shaky and inaccurate. With the included screws you will not get a hold for longer cuts and the result was inaccurate dimensions.

I was not satisfied with the stop for miter cuts.

Furthermore, I have to complain about the protection above the saw blade. I removed this because it was hardly possible to cut larger woods (8x8cm). The sliding through the protection to the saw from time to time jammed, so this had to be removed. For this there are deductions from me in terms of security.

The saw blade made a very good impression. It fabricated a clean cut and even with longer use (6 hours), I could not determine a difference in quality of the wood to be cut. One should also remember that despite the high price is a Einsteigersäge.


The colors are typical for Makita (green, gray) personally this design says.

My conclusion:

  • All in all, a well-designed, stable and visually appealing table saw for hobby craftsmen who want to work with smaller woods.
  • The engine appears powerful and manages the materials to be cut.
  • Likewise, the volume of the Makita table saw, compared to others, is relatively quiet.
  • However, the modification of the extension of the saw table has to be criticized. This takes in my eyes too much time.
  • And the emergency stop button does not seem to have found its optimal place yet. During the sawing process, I often hit my left thigh against it, so that the sawing process had to be stopped repeatedly.

craftsman-shipping explains the miracle agent nettle

You have certainly also heard of nettle jelly and all its applications. In fact, the manure is a good natural fertilizer and also acts against plant pests in the garden.


The nettle is not just weed …


Although the finished brew spreads a rather strong smell, the whole thing is still worth it!

To produce nettle

Of course, to make the marijuana, you will first need stinging nettles – about 1 kg of it. These cut them into smaller pieces with pruning shears. It is important that they wear gloves!

Now add the stinging nettle parts to a large bucket and pour the whole with about 10 liters of water. Now the broth must be, that can take up to 3 weeks. During this time, the biomass decomposes, developing a strong unpleasant odor.

For this reason, it is advisable to look for a less central location to start the brew. After 3 weeks, the stinging nettle is ready for use.

Use as an aphid

For this purpose, the manure must first be mixed in a 1:10 ratio with water, so that a so-called nettle broth is produced. It is then sprayed with the help of a garden sprayer on the affected fruit and vegetables.

Do this best on a cloudy day and repeat this procedure several times within a few days. Then the pests will disappear over time. Although this form of pest control is somewhat more complicated than the use of a chemical insecticide, but it is completely environmentally friendly and natural.

Nettle as a fertilizer

The stinging nettle can also serve as a fertilizer for your garden. Depending on the field of application, however, the mixing ratio changes. For older plants you can, as with the aphids, choose a ratio of 1:10, in young plants and seedlings, the manure should be mixed 1:20 with water.

Also the lawn can be improved with the stinging nettle. Here, the mixing ratio is even 1:50. Even if that sounds little at first, the broth is very effective and helps the lawn.

With little effort, a veritable miracle cure can be made from the annoying stinging nettles. The manure helps to fight plant pests and at the same time represents a natural fertilizer. Just try it at home and write us, what experiences you have made!

HappyPo shower from “The Cave of the Lions”…

Presented yesterday in “The Cave of the Lions” … Available today: The unique butt shower by HappyPo . Not only is it amazingly simple to use but also extremely effective.


The novelty from “The Cave of the Lions” – the butt-shower by HappyPo.

Anyone who previously wanted to thoroughly cleanse this area of ​​the body with water had to spend a lot of money on the shower toilet, hand shower or bidet and needed enough space. That is over now. Because HappyPo allows you to clean effectively and thoroughly with a hand-held device that is worth the money and requires little more storage space than a hair spray can.

The benefits of the HappyPo shower

With this shower, which was developed only for her butt, you achieve irresistible cleanliness. Water is super-gentle to the skin, and this shower also protects the environment, as up to 80% less toilet paper is needed. Furthermore, the butt shower is a perfect alternative to wet wipes.

Really clean – that’s important to everyone

More and more people are looking for ways to purify their body, and consequently their buttocks, consciously, yet effectively. So there is

  • 12000000. Müllvermeider
  • 5000000. Po-Sensitive
  • 12000000. Wet wipe users
  • 740Tsd. new mothers

where the butt shower offers a permanent solution.

People who live very eco-consciously and shop without packaging are grateful for this invention. Po-sensitive people, such as people with hemorrhoids as well as wet wipe users who are sensitive to rash (also with rash) to the chemistry in the tissues and a variety of new mothers, which is prohibited after childbirth due to the risk of infection, the wipe cleanse this area of ​​the body so that it feels clean .

To handle

Only three steps are necessary to use this butt-shower. Open the butt-shower and fill with water . Then use the device by holding the closed container under your buttocks and, by pressing the container’s belly, create a jet of water to rinse off the area. Now you just have to dry your butt and: done!

The right equipment for the felling

In the spring, there is time again to strike and store wood for the fireplace or the campfire. Just to save costs, but for a more comfortable heating, many homeowners have installed fireplace and tiled stoves. Of course they need enough fuel. To further reduce costs, it is best to beat and process the wood in the forest itself. Most of the state forest in the fall and spring out certain windows, to which the private man may beat wood.

Without the right equipment you should not do any forest work.

Preparation is everything

Depending on the state, the time and quantity quotas are available at different prices. Billing is usually in room or fixed meters. A solid meter is a stack of wood with a volume of 1 m³ (including intermediate spaces). The prices are very different for this.

If you want to convert from a standard heating, you can expect 3-5 kW of heating power per solid meter (depending on the particular wood). Just look at the boiler output of your current heater and make a comparison.

Also note that you need to store freshly cut wood for at least 1 year in a dry place. Therefore, you should always think 2 years in advance. This not only refers to perpetual replenishment, but also to sufficient storage space. 20 – 30 meters and more take away a lot of space, which is not to be despised. But let’s start with the most basic: the right equipment.


It should be clear to everyone that a powerful branded saw is not yet well equipped for tree felling in the forest. That’s why we present a small selection of minimum material here.

A chainsaw with at least 1.6 kW power and a sword with a length of 30 cm upwards.

  • In our online shop you will find a large selection of chainsaws. For private use, for example, the Makita gasoline chainsaw DCS3410TH-35 is recommended. This has a power of 1.7 kW and a 35 cm sword.

Tip: Also use biodegradable lubricants for your chainsaw. The forest is a habitat of many animals and plants, which must be saved from oil spills . A special canister facilitates transport and storage enormously.

Splitting wedges and hammers , with which you can split especially the larger pieces of wood directly in the forest.

  • For this we recommend the Fiskars Splitting Wedge Safe, whose special shape facilitates the splitting of larger pieces of wood, in conjunction with the Ochsenkopf splitting hammer.

To split smaller pieces of wood, a special splitting ax .

  • A very good quality here, among other manufacturers, the company Ochsenkopf with your Spaltfix. The very robust head glides through the wood, as if by butter, making chopping wood fun.

In order to protect your safety completely, you also need a cut protection trousers , a helmet with face and ear protection and special shoes .

  • In addition to the special protective clothing, it is also advisable to keep a first aid kit at hand. And suitable gloves must not be missing in the forest work.

Once you have the right equipment together, you should, if you can not yet, learn how to use the chainsaw properly. These so-called chainsaw training courses are usually offered by hardware stores and enjoy great popularity. In addition to the theoretical basic education in terms of safety, the participants also learn the practical handling of the chainsaw here.

Dry and safe

If you sawed the wood in the forest, you should also split it . This helps you to dry the wood faster and makes it easier to pile up. To further accelerate the drying process you should also remove the bark from the wood. Dry them separately in wicker baskets. Dry bark is perfect for lighting your fireplace or stove.

Which wood?

Even at school, we learn that hardwoods and softwoods exist. Oaks and beech have the highest calorific value per cubic meter. This means that these woods are best suited to give off a pleasant warmth over a long period of time. But especially for lighting and for a nice glow, you need softer wood, such as linden or poplar.

For a great aroma in open fireplaces, we recommend you to put a piece of birch into the fire. The oils contained therein develop a bluish flame and a pleasant smell.

With this overview we hope to have shown you a good overview of the suitable tools for your next wood action.

The garden pump

In the warm season, especially in the hot summer, you want to, if you own a private garden, like to relax in it and draw strength for everyday life. Many people find it relaxing when they plant flowers in their garden and plant beds on which vegetables may also be bred.

You can enjoy it, but it also does work, because first everything has to be created and designed. But also in the course of the year, the garden must be maintained accordingly. Especially in the summer months, when dry periods occur, the plants want to be watered so that they grow well and the eye enjoys it. It would be a pity to spend a lot of money on plants, seeds or bulbs in the spring, which then dry up over the summer.


Flowers create a great atmosphere for the garden, they give it the special touch. But how can you most effectively and easily water the plants? A garden pump must come from. On our site we offer a variety of products. Garden pumps are used for pumping or pumping water. You could of course also run the water from the line into the watering can, as it used to do, but at current water prices, it is advisable to collect water in rain barrels, wells or cisterns and by means of such a practical garden pump on a Aspirate and empty the hose. There is even the possibility in the garden to set up its own well, about which groundwater can be pumped up with the help of a garden pump.


Our online shop offers a variety of garden pumps of various kinds from the most diverse providers. The size of the pump and the capacity depends on the usage.
The purchase of such a pump will certainly have amortized after some time. In addition to a huge workload, it also creates enormous financial benefits.

Tool as a gift

The right gift for the worker

Every year at Christmas or the birthday the same question. What do I give? It is sometimes hard to find the right one for a loved one. If it is a home improvement, there are a few approaches here.

It does not always have to be the hammer drill or another big tool. Mostly, there are already small things to inspire your home improvement. Things he also needs to complete projects quickly, cleanly and successfully.

Check the basic equipment

The little things, such as folding rule, hammer, pliers and Co., will probably be available in every toolbox. But a look can be worthwhile. If the hammer head wobbles, the pliers are stuck, the measurements on the folding rule can still be read. The right opportunity has already been found to surprise the worker.

Tip: Be sure to return the tools to your position. A worker realizes that it was somebody’s turn.

But now just do not grab a set with all parts for 10 euros. They do not give the gift to be given pleasure. These parts will not last long. You will soon have the same symptoms as the old tool.

A new power tool

In the workshop, a certain amount of bandwidth must always be covered. This goes from cutting, drilling and screwing to grinding. Power tools help here for rapid progress.
Depending on the field of activity, certain tools come into question. Basically, always the question of the material to be processed to answer.
With cable or rechargeable battery … The dealer is happy to help.

Suitable accessories

The highly acclaimed cordless screwdriver requires the right attachments for screwing. These are available in many different variations. The drive type and their size, as well as the length are important points. Expand the stock.

Consumables can also be considered as an addition to the gift. Abrasives are always hot. Sandpaper for hand sanding. But also grinding wheels or sanding belts for machines can be.

Also think about the health of your handyman.

Is there a good vacuum cleaner for the workshop? Workwear, respiratory protection, hearing and privacy etc. are vital!

Personalize the gift

By printing on the folding rule, a T-shirt or sweater you can also cause great joy. Not only pleased by the showing of the present, but also the appreciation by you.

Conclusion to tool as a gift

Check existing tools of the worker. If one has to be renewed, they already have the right basis. If the do-it-yourself enthusiast likes to work or often with a specific tool, it may be necessary to think about suitable accessories. Consumables, such as abrasives, are always needed. Personal protective equipment, such as appropriate work clothes, gloves, hearing and visual protection, make the work more enjoyable and are vital!

If it’s a higher priced gift that’s handy to home improvement, ask family and friends. Together, make your home improvement king happy.

If none of the suggestions are suitable for you, just ask. The surprise effect is not so great, but the joy of the worker always.

If you are unsure despite everything, it also does the well-tried coupon of the favorite brand.

Maintenance and care of tools

Not long waiting, but waiting

Tools wait

To give your tools a long life, you should take care of them. Whether hand tools, equipment or machines. If a tool in the middle of a project is not ready to use, it is very annoying and costs time. The utensils must be kept clean, functional and complete. That’s why the maintenance. This does not mean waiting for improvement, but maintenance in the form of maintenance. Sharpening from drills, chisels, chisels and chisels, to lubricating moving parts and repairing, to testing and calibrating, everything is part of the maintenance.

But maintenance, or care, starts at work. When grinding with a good suction, the machine does not close so fast. It ensures a clean and healthy working environment, functionality and saves on abrasives. The proper use of a machine, you need not actually mention. Unfortunately, one sees again and again the improper use. The device is pulled or lowered on the cable. These things should be avoided at all costs.

Maintain tools

Hand tools, such as saw blade, planer and knife are made of metal. In contact with the air and human sweat, they rust very quickly. To protect the metal surfaces, an oil is applied.
For door hinges, lawnmowers and industrial machines, oils have great properties. It protects, cleans, lubricates, preserves and even prevents the embrittlement of plastic surfaces. Some oils give wood a beautiful shine and leave the grain of living work.
Most widespread is probably the multifunctional oil WD-40. Closely followed by the gun oil Ballistol. Also, the Japanese camellia oil is a popular and traditional oil for the care of hand tools for many decades. The oils are available in different sizes and also as a spray bottle. It is worth it for his tools to have a stock.

At home or in a small business, the tools are shot for the next job after work or one day a week.
Large companies have a maintenance plan. It shows the maintenance interval and upcoming maintenance. This is to improve logistics, especially in industrial machinery. In these, in contrast to the basement workshop, several components must be maintained.
Hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components are used here and are more complexly interconnected.

Cleaning tools

The coarse dirt is removed with a cloth. When cleaning you can not call a universal agent. Most tools consist of several or at least two components. The metal of the screwdriver keeps out the brake cleaner when heavily soiled. The plastic handle is not so good to talk about and quickly becomes brittle. Especially with electronics and plastics care must be taken that they do not come into contact with aggressive cleaners.
A relatively simple cleaning is usually sufficient and you do not have to overdo it.
Different with measuring devices. To maintain their precision, they pay particular attention to them.
Here, attention must be paid to the cleanliness and storage.

The right storage

Batteries and electrical appliances must be protected from frost. A high humidity is sufficient to rust contacts. The right suitcase or box for your devices is advantageous. Therein they are safe and accurately repealed.
To optimally winterize garden tools, the above oils and waxes are suitable. The lines of the devices with gasoline threaten to resinify if the service life is too long. Therefore, you have to empty the pipes before storage.

The tools, properly handled, packaged and stored in a dry place, will be there for you for a long time.


In the first place of repairs is probably in electrical appliances, the cable. If the machine goes out during work, usually a cable break is the cause. Especially with cheap machines, the cable is not sufficiently flexible and anyway too short.
The other reason may be a broken switch. Mostly the defect lies in the power supply.

As to be replaced wear part applies the carbon brush. It serves as a sliding contact on the motor of the machine. You can pay attention to the simple change of parts when buying.

Take care of your safety during such work. You should always hire a specialist. If the machine still has warranty, a defect is not a question anyway.


Depending on the material of your tool different care tips are to be applied.
The operating instructions of the devices contain all information. There the manufacturers give exact information to your device.
In addition, it is important to take a few more actions.
Already at the purchase it makes sense to use maintenance-friendly tools.
Cleaning with a cloth and oiling or lubricating moving parts is usually sufficient.

Carefully handle your tool. Look for functionality at regular intervals. Maintaining uptime ensures you a successful project completion and you have a lot of fun with your tool.
It is also about your safety, because you prevent accidents.

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Recognize good tools

Recognize good tool

It is not possible to recognize a good tool at first glance. Only by trial and error. Is it good in the hand and how is the processing. Trying out well is not a problem in well-established building materials. Different with set’s. They are shrink-wrapped and unpacking is required for purchase. Here you have to go Test seals like the GS – Tested safety and awards left by TÜV. But if a set costs less Euros than the number of parts, it usually hides lower quality.

If one asks in his circle for recommendations for tools, it starts right. Many people are home improvement or professionals and branded. They usually tell full of euphoria from their experiences. You can go deep into the details of tools unimagined.

Take the question of a cordless screwdriver as an example. The connoisseur asks for the purpose. The answer of the layman: “screws?!”

Yeah, but you turn on small brass screws by hand with the screwdriver. In order to turn screws in wood, it is good to be able to select a torque step and it is best to drill. A chuck is optimal because you can clamp everything. There are also screwdrivers with hexagon socket. That can not spin on the device. For the wheel nuts on the car, a cordless screwdriver is again too weak.

Depending on what you want to do you need a big cordless screwdriver with a lot of power or a small one that fits in a drawer. The battery must have a certain capacity … Lithium-ion battery … The charger must recharge quickly or there is a second battery … External or internal battery … Clockwise and counterclockwise … Carbon brush changeable … plus a quick-change attachment or even a second device. Also, it does not matter which use you use. I can recommend … And above all, keep your fingers off the mark X.

So you get a lot of information in no time.

The common opinions about good tools

The common statements are always

Good quality equals high weight; Plastic is no good Cheap one buys twice; What costs nothing is synonymous nothing; and alike

I’ve been using it for X years now and I’m very satisfied.

If it creates a 30-piece set of bits for 4Euro without rusting from the store to your home, just because the parts are in the oil … The bit only in the extension remains, if you hold it up …
The magnet falls out after removing the bit… I spent only 4Euro to annoy me.

I have often, even at specialist companies, seen tape of all kinds about the tools. Here is likely that such a device performs a good service. The case gave way. Not every machine body can withstand a fall from a great height.

What are the decisive points?

To stay with the example of the cordless screwdriver, the price is important in the first place. Depending on your budget you also limit the selection. Once this has been clarified, it goes straight to the minimum requirement or the use. Will you only screw or drill with the device? If you also want to drill, the question comes up for the material. If stone or concrete is involved in the game, a cordless drill with a percussion drill will be the right choice. To drill a hole here and there that is very good. And if he makes a hole in concrete, he is also well suited for the common screwing.

Now you can not do anything wrong. Is not there the experience.

More and more low-cost suppliers penetrate the tool market. Fortunately, these are usually at a discounted price. As I said, with experience. Also, it’s pretty curious to be offered a hammer drill between my grocery purchases.

You can get a good small screwdriver for the household drawer for less than 50 €. A cordless percussion drill is best to buy for about 100 €. This is then absolutely sufficient for occasional projects. Under this price, important components of the machine are usually made of plastic or other cheap material. I do not need to explain to you how long they endure the impact function.

The conclusion

You determine the maximum price. Under a certain price a good tool is not available. If there is the opportunity to test, do that. Only buy what is really needed. A healthy mediocrity with which you can make your own experiences is recommended.

You see, the possibilities and options seem limitless. But with a few questions, only a few tools remain. With the golden mean you are not wrong then. Then you have found the perfect filler and thus your good tool.