The initial equipment

21 Dec

All beginning It takes a little time until the original equipment is put together. Rarely does one begin with an assortment. The tools multiply as needed. Tools have become an integral part of our lives. That starts with the knife. Most grew up with tools. There were in my toy … Read More »

Finding the right garden pump – that’s what it’s all about

20 Dec

Garden pumps can often be found in households that have a garden with a pond, fountain or rain barrel. There are different types of garden pumps that optimally master the requirements for each other task. There are also differences in the quality and accessories of the individual garden pumps. So … Read More »

craftsman-shipping explains the miracle agent nettle

20 Dec

You have certainly also heard of nettle jelly and all its applications. In fact, the manure is a good natural fertilizer and also acts against plant pests in the garden. The nettle is not just weed …   Although the finished brew spreads a rather strong smell, the whole thing … Read More »

HappyPo shower from “The Cave of the Lions”…

20 Dec

Presented yesterday in “The Cave of the Lions” … Available today: The unique butt shower by HappyPo . Not only is it amazingly simple to use but also extremely effective. The novelty from “The Cave of the Lions” – the butt-shower by HappyPo. Anyone who previously wanted to thoroughly cleanse … Read More »

The right equipment for the felling

20 Dec

In the spring, there is time again to strike and store wood for the fireplace or the campfire. Just to save costs, but for a more comfortable heating, many homeowners have installed fireplace and tiled stoves. Of course they need enough fuel. To further reduce costs, it is best to … Read More »

The garden pump

20 Dec

In the warm season, especially in the hot summer, you want to, if you own a private garden, like to relax in it and draw strength for everyday life. Many people find it relaxing when they plant flowers in their garden and plant beds on which vegetables may also be … Read More »

Tool as a gift

20 Dec

The right gift for the worker Every year at Christmas or the birthday the same question. What do I give? It is sometimes hard to find the right one for a loved one. If it is a home improvement, there are a few approaches here. It does not always have … Read More »

Maintenance and care of tools

20 Dec

Not long waiting, but waiting Tools wait To give your tools a long life, you should take care of them. Whether hand tools, equipment or machines. If a tool in the middle of a project is not ready to use, it is very annoying and costs time. The utensils must … Read More »

Recognize good tools

20 Dec

Recognize good tool It is not possible to recognize a good tool at first glance. Only by trial and error. Is it good in the hand and how is the processing. Trying out well is not a problem in well-established building materials. Different with set’s. They are shrink-wrapped and unpacking … Read More »